The mighty millennials and their impact on sales strategy

Born ’81-’96, they have considerable buying power. They understand media and how it works.

They are the first generation born into a world where accessibility and immediacy is a basic expectation.

1. They expect instant gratification. No need to wait for food – there’s Uber Eats

2. They are native technology users. As salespeople they tend to type directly into a CRM – not handwriting in notepads,

3. Change and evolution of products, concepts and ideas is the norm.

4. They don’t have the baggage of ‘this won’t work, I tried it’.

5. They rely on product reviews.

Their challenges:

• picking up the phone to speak with someone
• building relationships over the phone
• knowing there’s a time and place for mobile use • keeping off their phone,

What they need at work:
• purpose
• progression plans
• to be heard
• flexible hours.

Q: What tips can you share about engaging millennial salespeople in your team? 🙇‍

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