The most important investment you can make…

“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.” – the legendary Warren Buffet

The team from Live eftpos left with big smiles today – they know that by investing in themselves, their communication, mindset, finding new ways to add value to their customers’ business, that theirs will grow.

It all starts with creating a success mindset: once you are honest about where you are now, and where you want to be, we can help you with the skills to get there.

We love working with clients whose businesses add value – and Live eftpos is doing just that for over 8000 Aussie businesses.

Here’s a bit about them – reach out and speak to any of team to learn more…(they’re bound to ask you lots of GREAT questions!)

Live eftpos aims to make the process of accepting cashless payments as easy as possible and has removed lengthy application forms and tedious delays.

Live eftpos provides one of the world’s smallest, most technologically advanced mobile terminals available and continues to develop and evolve its technology to meet the needs of business owners across Australia.

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Contact us: to find out more about how your team can ask great questions call us  02 9188 5253


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