The sales team is ‘painting a picture’ for your client.

They are listening, asking questions and then showing the client how your solution will solve their problems.

Do they have the right tools to support these conversations? Tools that will make it easier for the customer to see you do understand them and how your product can help them.

To answer – focus on the buyer journey. How much do they already know about you and your product? What will help you to prove you understand them in your conversations?

In your sales planning process have you and the team talked about all the questions you usually get and if your sales materials address them?

Do they need:
– Brochures full of details and pricing
– Guides for ‘tips and tricks’
– Simple fact sheets on popular FAQs
– Links and summaries of all the videos so they can immediately source the right one to demonstrate their point?
– Proposal templates that are easy to populate and send without delay?

😎Question: When did you last review your sales materials and what informed the edits?


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