There’s really no such thing as ‘cold’ calling anymore.

There’s really no such thing as ‘cold’ calling anymore.

We have websites, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc at our fingertips to do research on business and individuals to understand how your solution can help.

At best it’s very, very warm calling. Listen to your teams’ calls:

– Have they done their research beforehand?
– What do they know about the prospect?
– What knowledge have they used to open the conversation?
– Are they implying they are disturbing someone OR excited by the prospect of assisting them?
– What mind state are they in? Positive? – What is their language?
– Are they sold on the product?
– Do they see the value?
– Are they drawing on their success stories and anchored in positivity?

Ways of making the call

OLD: Is now a good time?
NEW: Hi, I see you have xxx and I feel I can help

OLD: I’ll only be a minute
NEW: I’m looking at ‘research xyz’ and see that you have A, I feel this is going to be of use for you.

Question: How do you or your team share success stories and use them in ‘cold’ calls?

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