These Top 5 traits are common in the most successful business owners

  1. To take feedback

If you want to know that your eggs are not runny, a delivery was late, or a product is broken you need to be able to take feedback well. Get everyone in the company to accept that things in every business go wrong – it’s the way its handled from your end that determines if that client is still around in 12 months. (and if their experience in the way you’re handling said issue was clear).

  1. Everyone is selling

Know that the delivery boy, the receptionist, finance, customer service, they are all sales people.  Everyone in your company is selling.

Everyone is both giving the client the impression of your company PLUS they have the ability to influence them in a positive manner. Everyone is representing the brand image.

  1. Have a vision

If you are the leader you need a clear vision. The team needs to know where the captain is heading. They need to know you know what you are doing and then their part in that plan. They need to be excited. When you announce the ‘vision’ be positive in your language.

  1. Be around ‘can do’ people

If you are a new entrepreneur then its ensuring that you surround yourself with others that are as driven as you. The hours are long, the weekends wrapped up in ideas. When starting out you don’t want a ‘you work too hard’ person bringing you down to their value level.

  1. Get perspective

If you have been doing this for a while – you’ve had a business for more than 10 years – then get out, get perspective. First with your business, get to events, not just your industry but other business events – networking, meet like-minded people that do things and see things differently to you.  To grow your skill set you need to be reading, listening, watching those that have done it.  See their mistakes, learn from them. Then with your friends, family, people outside your business. Separate yourself from the business so you are ‘you’.