They say you’re too expensive? It’s not the price that stands in your way

If they say: “We want it – but we can’t afford it now…”

1. Consider they haven’t seen the value. You haven’t understood what they value and built alignment.

2. If you believe it’s important for them to have it now – use some ‘motivation’ techniques to help them see the value.

3. If your solution saves them money, explain how! e.g. “This XYZ investment will make you money – by X month you will increase your margin by $X.

The real issue is we aren’t aligned with what they need and we haven’t adapted to how they operate.

Still in with a chance – no agreements with another supplier have been signed?

Step back in and ask more questions!

Don’t jump into the money vortex with them again.

Reframe the client over to a focus on value – make sure you are truly aligned.

If the competitor is offering a solution for less there is a reason – focus on what YOU, your company and your solution offer that is different – and better.

My question to you: What do you do when the client says ‘love it but can’t afford it’?