To sell without selling

We often hear the terms ‘the honest sale’, ‘the authentic sale’, the consultative approach.

When a salesperson proves they are an authority – like a ‘doctor’ makes a diagnosis and prescribes a treatment – as does the salesperson consult with the prospect, assess the situation thoroughly and offers the best solution for the prospect.

When they provide a perfectly aligned solution, the time they have invested in asking the right questions and deeply understanding their client will pay off. The investment establishes trust. The prospect believes the true intention is to help them solve their problem – not just sell them an off the shelf idea. They become open to taking the advice given by an expert.

There’s no need to push, persuade or use ‘dirty tactics’.

Simply by doing some research, picking up the phone and making a human contact – as opposed to email – you can start building trust!

Q: What questions do you ask to establish trust with a prospect?

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