We should have got the business – I’m his mate…

Relationships are everything

I expect some people will go straight to saying ‘of course relationships are everything’ as it’s been the core of our training for, well, ever!

Well, I know many clients who are fantastic at building relationships and maintaining them. They are not bringing in the revenue as others- and why not?

Being focused on relationships can often be misread. It use to mean, more time with the client, more meetings, more coffees, more lunches, more events, more jollies, on and on with the more reasons to push you two into the same breathing space.

This is all well and good but pushed too far that client becomes a mate and whereas directors are blinded by this exciting news the truth is there is downsides to this ‘transition’.

Plus, we all know many ‘reps’ that fulfill this ‘relationship’ spot but actually are lacking in fundamental skills in knowing what to do with the client once they have them! They have their banter of the same set of questions and now they concentrate on fun with the client.

All well and good until the business cents lines the coffers of the competitors and everyone stands around red faced asking ‘how can this happen, I was sailing with him last week’.

Well, I can explain why. Email me.