What results are the team getting from cold calling?

What results are the team getting from cold calling?

Have you reviewed their intent, enthusiasm and language?

In their language are they implying they might be disturbing a prospect? Or are they implying this is a great solution and they are excited about discussing how it can help the prospect.

OLD WAY: Is now a good time?
NEW WAY: Hi, I see you have xxx and I feel I can help.

OLD WAY: I can hear you’re busy.
NEW WAY: I would love to find out if this is a fit for you, I feel it is.

OLD WAY: If it’s not a good time I’ll call-back.
NEW WAY: I’m looking at your ‘website/LI’ and notice you do xx and think this might be something of interest to you.

Move the intent of the conversation to a person who is calling because they can be of service to someone. They aren’t bothering someone, they are HELPING someone.

What can you do as a manager?

✔Ensure everyone is sold on your solution
✔Ensure they know how it will help that person
✔Discuss happy clients whom your solution has helped
✔Ensure they are excited about helping someone

Question: How do you prepare for a cold call?


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