Sales Leaders-You’ve Got This

This starts with you. Are you behaving everyday as a leader would? Are you always ‘turning up’ showing the best version of yourself? Are you respectful and kind, are you tuned in to when a rep needs extra attention with a challenge? Are you leading in every area of the business, meaning when a new solution pops up are you embracing it with open arms, excited about selling it yourself?

If you want your team to be excited, polished and professional, then know that it all starts with the standards you hold for yourself as well as for others.

Being extremely organised sends a message to your team. It’s saying, I know what I’m doing. I am calm, reasonable and rational, I’ve got this. This plan will get us the outcome we need. I am disciplined and I stick to my plan. I prioritise so that the right things get done.

A note for when taking on new people – ensure they are shadowing a model of excellence. In other words, only put them with a rep who is professional, polished and does all the right things (the last thing you want is for the newbie to pick up any bad habits).


What to do

Ask yourself each night, well did I excel, where did I fall from grace, where can I evolve tomorrow?

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