What’s your approach to following up on prospective business?

How many times do you follow up before you ‘give up’? Are you worried they might start to get annoyed?

If you’re concerned your calls are becoming a negative experience – ask yourself these questions.

1. Have I asked enough questions to be sure I am offering something that’s right for them? What has changed since I last spoke to them? Find out!

2. How much have I reflected on each conversation to be feel confident my tone and language are suitable?

3. If I know it usually takes up to 11 touch points for someone to make a purchase decision, how have I planned to make my ‘contacts’ of real value? How helpful are you really being? What content is available for me to send them to help them with their problem? What extra market intelligence have I provided them to help them?

Q: If you believed a ‘no’ is not a static answer – and really a ‘no’ is just a ‘not right now’ – how would that change your approach to follow-up calls?

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