What’s your strategy to implement key long-lasting effects for business growth next year?

Here are some questions and tactics you can use to achieve your sales 2021 goal!


1. What are your goals for next year? Think big!

• What do you want to achieve?

2. What are your specific niches to gain traction?

• Target the main ones that you can help the most and grow your business the fastest?
• Is it your top clients that would be your next growth? (or acquiring new clients)?

3. What partnerships or joint ventures can you develop to add mutual value to each other’s client base?

• These are your ‘one to many’ (i.e that one contact has ‘many’ potential clients)

3 tactics to get focused

1. Remove all distractions
• Turn email notifications off
• Or even better – close your email down
• Turn your phone to silent

2. Change your environment
• Change your thinking by moving away from your desk
• Sit in a quiet room where no one can interrupt you

3. A success mindset
• Remind yourself of the successes/wins of the previous year
• Anchor those feelings to elevate a sense of optimism and possibility


My question to you:
How do you and your sales team create your plan and how often do you review it once it is done?


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