Who is on your wish list? It may be who would make the company the most profit or who would give you the best profile or break you into a new arena of which you can refer back to.

The average sales person wastes 85 percent of their time chasing prospects that have little to offer. Often it’s responding to briefs, or anyone showing a vague interest in our solution, and off we go putting in 100% to our response without actually finding out enough of the details, qualifying, determining our ‘effort output’.

You need to know your ‘who’ because if you don’t – how will you know them when you come across them?

Selling to Zebras by Jeff Koser and Chad Koser is really about understanding who your Zebra’s are…the right prospect for you… and it should be as easy as spotting a Zebra on the plains… so get to work to understand the ‘WHO’ that would make the difference to your bottom line.