Why mindset – not conversions – could be key to business growth

Growth Mindset

Have you heard this term thrown around and wondered what an earth it means?

It originates from Dr Carol Dweck and her colleagues after they became interested in students’ attitudes about failure. They noticed that some students rebounded while other students seemed devastated by even the smallest setback.

After studying the behaviour of thousands of children, Dr Dweck coined the terms fixed mindset and growth mindset to describe the underlying beliefs people have about learning and intelligence.

For example, if students think they are either ‘smart’ or ‘not smart’ in any topic they tend to ‘give up’ if they deem themselves in the ‘not smart at this topic’ category. As they assume their intelligence is ‘fixed’.  This is especially true for high achievers who are used to getting high grades without a huge amount of effort. If they are rewarded for being ‘smart’ and If their mindset is ‘fixed’ they will avoid a topic that may show up they are in fact, not smart.

Conversely,  when students believe they can get smarter (growth mindset),  they understand that effort makes them stronger. Therefore, they put in extra time and effort, which leads to higher achievement.

Around this time (over 30 years ago) there was a lot of banter on neuroscience, plasticity – the ability to create neurons – and on how the connectivity between neurons can and do change with experience. So, this was a hot topic!

Once you understand the link between mindset and achievement you are on a whole new trajectory. I.e. If you believe your brain can grow, if you realise you are in charge of it all, it’s down to your effort then you behave differently.

Thus the researchers asked,

Can we change mindsets? And if so, how?

This began a series of studies that prove we can indeed change a person’s mindset from fixed to growth, and when we do, it leads to increased motivation and achievement. See an article on changing mindsets for kids here.

So, is your (or your team’s) Mindset Fixed or Growth? What can you do about it?

How would you know?

Ask yourself

  • When you chat about new ideas, personal development does your team shy away or step forward?
  • Do they think they ‘know it all’? or ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’

Fixed mindset and what you can do about it

If this is them then this is about inspiring them with something of interest to them to learn.  Be cautious though – no point saying ‘we can all evolve’ if they don’t think that applies to them. You’re wasting your time. They will not relate that ‘lesson’ to them and their development.

We see this on our programs where we have ‘I’ve been doing this for XYZ years and know everything there is…’ now, as a professional sales training company who is passionate about everyone working to the best of their abilities, we have ways of approach this.

  1. Someone has to recognise there is a gap in their abilities (i.e. there are things they don’t know).
  2. They need to want to fill that gap (a desire to want to learn something).
  3. The emotional intelligent and ability to put one’s ego to the side and see ‘growth’ and ‘learning’ as commendable and in fact necessary.

So, what can you do each day?

* Hint about other people who are ‘at the top of their game’ and how much they invest in personal development.

* Tease them (‘discuss with them’) something interesting about the role which would excite them but for now, the skill level is just out of their reach. A project you know they would like to get involved with for example. Open up that hatch of possibility of curiosity.

Growth mindset and what you can do to optimise it

Let’s say they have got a ‘growth’ mindset.

You need to really nurture this by feeding it with ‘expansion’ thinking.

Get them to be involved in puzzles within the organisation which have everyone stumped. Get them to see ‘the bigger picture’.  They are already into podcasts, books, courses and all manner of self-development – encourage this. Discuss great books yourself and your findings.

Take our questionnaire now on whether you have a fixed or growth mindset

What’s next you ask?

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