Consultative selling

We make it easy for your team to engage and emotionally connect with families.

Professional sales training that equips your team with practical methods

to help them easily sell with integrity.

Selling is just communication – the family has a need and you have the resources.

We teach how to understand these needs, how to align with each family/customer and deliver your solution effectively. 

We make selling easy and comfortable 

After each workshop our participants say ‘that was so easy, I can engage with a family like that, that has total integrity’.

Know what the family/customer needs and expects from you

Know how each person measures value

How to put forward your organisations key points effectively 

How to understand and convey your suite of offerings (recognise other opportunities)

How to read what your family/customer is saying 

Understand what the family values

How to keep leads warm

How to answer the phone and what information to elicit which will aid you in assisting that family

Conversion rate: how to increase this comfortably

How to easily get them to sign with you (with integrity)

Present – however ‘presenting’ is to you (by phone, on site) we assist your team in knowing how to conduct themselves in such a way that the family signs up


How to build rapport

How to be an expert

How to nurture warm leads

Know what to say and how to say it 

How to be professional

How to be the trusted advisor 

Choice – how to be the choice provider (with integrity)

 How to  manage expectations

How to have conversations that focus on the families need (and not just doing an ‘information dump ‘ of your offering)

How to close 

How to give your team confidence in how to handle all situations with the family

How to amend mindset of the team to be more commercially savvy

How to build relationships with referrers (or 3rd parties)

Learn a simple process that’s easy to adopt, easy to implement and has immediate results.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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