Public Workshop Testimonials

  • Seek to understand the customer then check you have understood the customer

    Thomas Cox Audio Visual Events
  • I learnt very quickly that sales is about understanding the other person and what they want. Not everyone thinks the same!

    Ann-Marie Pieler- Walton Safe T Stop NZ
  • It's important to ask questions and get that client talking, also just because one of your contacts is 'sold' within an organisation- don't assume the other decision makers are.

    James Nicholson Full House Group
  • I learned how to develop a relationship to understand what the customer actually needs and wants.

    Veronika Galjar P&N Rogers
  • I learnt how to really control the client and environment allowing me to adapt to the change in attitude and content so you can make the most out of your sales experience. How to stay in control.

    Michael Wickens Full House Group
  • It was great to really understand how to really grow business fast by being so client focused. Understanding their needs and wants and the way they operate.

    Christian Pieler Safe T Stop
  • Prepare 1-3 solutions depending on the buyer and the information you have gathered on their needs

    Kathleen Smith Mary Mary African Label
  • I learnt that every client is different and they don't always want to hear the same things. It's very important to find out their individual needs and desires and then show how you can help.

    James Nicholson Full House Group
  • I learnt a simple and highly effective Exploration Funnel. So powerful.

    Georgia Byrne Lawtap
  • Speak slowly so the customer can process what you are presenting

    Eric Spencer Audio Visual Events
  • Learned about tailoring solutions specific to the clients need and how to deliver it in their language and style.

    Gustavo Valencia CBS Interactive
  • Creating a proposal to suit their needs makes the customer feel listened to, understood, valued and comfortable

    Rob Brugman GCR Electrical Services
  • Thoroughly insightful and informed take on doing business. Charmaine presents in a positive, educated way and has given me some fantastic tips to use in my business.

    Ben Munro Smith Real Estate 
  • 90% of the time you should be asking questions and listening- and observe. Listen/be quiet/ask questions + learn.

    Bruce Perry Wontok
  • Knowing what to do if someone isn’t sold - or a partner isn’t sold. How to handle that was incredibly useful.
    Anthony Roddy Shore Financial
  • Structure to the selling process.

    Helena Pontes Web Publication
  • I learnt about questions, structure, delivery, framing, closing.. so much!

    Alison Brewer CBS Interactive
  • How to provide the right questions which create rapport, understand beliefs, limitations, aspirations.

    Andrew Curby Street Fighter Media
  • Recognising when a customer has moved to sold is vital, at this time you should no longer use persuasive language

    Karen Thomas The Glove Company
  • How to handle secondary stake holders, how to elicit info from them and not make assumptions based on your primary contact.

    Gustavo Valencia CBS Interactive
  • I learned how to observe everything. What the client is saying and doing. How to keep the customer discussing their needs.

    Nemara The Propper
  • Get on the same wavelength as the customer and see their vision with them.

    Fan Chen Corum
  • Learnt a simple structure which is a process of asking questions to build trust and gain understanding of clients needs and pain points

    Mary-Anne Amies Wise Up Marketing
  • When someone is sold, let it digest, do not interrupt. I learnt also when to use these hypnotherapy techniques to cross sell.

    Anthony Roddy Shore Financial
  • Tailoring your approach, language and demeanour to the customer builds rapport and trust

    John Meillon Audio Visual Events
  • Understanding the needs of your client allows you to fulfill their needs, concisely and in a language familiar to the client. One size doe not fit all.
    Nicole Montgomery Trusted Surgeons
  • Grasping how to ask different questions to allow you to build a tailored plan.

    Thomas Bannet R&J Batteries
  • Speak in the same terms and on the same level as your customer.

    Jason Dammon Woodpecker
  • Be congruent with your offer

    Natalia Niewiadomska Harbourside Decorators
  • I leaned Hypnotherapy techniques in sales like how to 'by pass the critical faculty' and assist my customer further.

    Kalle Kortelainen Fairfax & Roberts
  • Just because one person is sold- doesn't mean the other individuals are. How to address that.

    Jacob Son The Auto Gallery
  • Business development includes sewing the seeds for future business

    Tom Patterson Kyzen Group
  • I walked away with a greater sense of confidence in myself as a sales rep than I could have ever imagined. Charmaine was engaging, enthusiastic, extermely knowledgeable and well read. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

    Megan Steiner Hospira
  • Discover their needs, adapt to their style, consider their options and run tactics

    Ben Saunders B Online Learning
  • Framing is essential so the client knows that the more you know the more you can tailor a solution. Different ways of doing this.

    James Wallace Critical Dental
  • If you are a literal thinker who is talking to an inferential one, you are the one who needs to adjust and adapt

    Mitchell Stanger Sunrise Medical
  • I learnt about the use of questions to a deep level to help me help my customer.

    Isabella Sjogren CBS International
  • I now understand the difference between literal and inferential clients and how to help them understand that change is beneficial.

    Amanda Newnham Woodpecker
  • The sales was absolutely incredible. The content was specific and relevant to my field, the techniques and theories I learned have allowed me to delve deeper into the needs of my clients in order to produce lasting results.

    Megan Steiner Hospira
  • Learning about the importance of questions, how that really assists you and the client.

    Aaron Broughton- Rouse Active Surgical
  • I learned how to make the interaction about them and their needs - and not on my and my service.

    Anthony Roddy Shore Finance
  • Through observation and listening we can learn exactly what our clients want and need. We can then adapt our plan accordingly and give the right solution for their business.

    Tracey Nock Scanbrands/Baby Bjorn
  • I understood how the amend my behaviour to suit the client. How to pinpoint the customers needs.

    Kalle Kortelainen Fairfax & Roberts
  • Stop talking! Let the customer talk!

    Eric Lai The Auto Gallery
  • I learned how to provide the right solution so you can help their company, highlighting the use of features and benefits which at all times need to align with your client.
    Nicole Montgomery Trusted Surgeons
  • Funnel, align through observing and adapting, consider their alternatives and then formulate negotiation tactics

    Matt Howle Mayfield Garden
  • Use language that the customer is comfortable with and they will take on more of the information you are providing

    Eric Spencer Audio Visual Events
  • Understanding exactly what the client wants.

    Andrew Curby Street Fighter Media
  • How to clarify you understand their needs.

    Helena Pontes Web Publication
  • I got to understand how to read the state of the customer and how to best position our USP.

    Richard Rodrigues Wontok
  • Focus on delivering what the customer wants/needs, listen more and hardball less

    Tony Wigg Ac Industries
  • I learnt the Smarter Selling Model of Excellence which is all about how your focus is on the customer and not on you.

    Clare Byrne lawtap
  • Noting that every sale is different, observe what is going on and adapt to the situation. If someone is visual use visual aids etc. Only talk about what is relevant to the client!

    Ryan Skeggs Full House Group
  • Completely changed the way I feel about sales - I can now say I’m PROUD to be a sales person because I’m a problem solver.

    Dara Donnely Proppr Owner 
  • I understood how to get forward momentum that's used in sales.

    Michael Wickens Full House Group
  • Check the information you have noted is accurate and hits home with the customers most important needs

    Michael De Angelis Ac Industries
  • Asking the right questions will not only give you information but also more sales opportunities

    Hamza Alamine Royals Hair and Beauty
  • Each individual has their own needs. You need to observe what they are saying and doing. how they respond and adapt. Making every interaction different.

    Sandeep Bhatt Cht chemicals
  • Being aware of what to say and come up with a solution and play.

    Eric Lai The Auto Gallery
  • You need to believe you're worth it in order to project you're worth to the customer

    Sam Young Kyzen Group
  • I learnt that every situation & person is different. The way they buy, hear things, react, what's important to them  and you need to frame correctly and ask the questions that will benefit both parties.

    Sean Mealor Corum
  • I learnt how to use the clients language when repeating key points back. This way you align with their thinking.

    Katelyn Tsiavos CBS Interactive
  • The Buying Circle, how to know when the client is sold and what to do.

    Kylie Palmer Group HIS
  • Just because your 'go to' person is sold that doesn't mean all the other parties are.. they haven't even been on a journey with you- I learnt what to do about this.

    Kylie Palmer Group HIS
  • Adapting your questions and ways of communication in order to treat the client as a unique individual.

    James Wallace Critical Dental
  • Knowing what to say if there is another decision maker.

    Veronika Galjar P&N Rogers
  • How to ask questions that directly relate to their needs.

    Helena Pontes Web Publication
  • Need to listen to the needs of the client before you sell your solution. Get them talking, it's all about them.

    Neil O'Sullivan CBS Interactive
  • How to engage other decision makers to ensure your solution fits all.

    Daniele Montgomery Cosmediccentral.com.au
  • Asking relevant questions, easy way to find out their needs and wants, understand what is most important to the customer.

    Jacob Son The Auto Gallery
  • How to present a solution in their language and tonality (theirs- not mine).

    Andrew Curby Street Fighter Media
  • Understaning 'framing' and how to create a solution that entirely matches their needs, down to how they operate and in their language.

    Silvia Kmetova Bright Cherry
  • I learnt about 'pattern interrupt' and other NLP and Hypnosis used in sales.

    James Wallace Critical Dental
  • When a client is moving from being not sold to sold do not break the spell or unsell the product by saying anything

    Matt Howle Mayfield Garden
  • How to hold the space of the client, asking questions that ensure they articulate their needs, wants and desires, then how to clarify their message to empower them and also to confrm you're on the same page.

    Jo Martin Goldenlight Designs
  • What to do when the client is in a purchasing stage! How to let them think (shut up)!

    Chantell Elliott HCI
  • How to elicit insights, information, beliefs, pain points... the list goes on.

    Neil O'Sullivan CBS Interactive
  • Listen for key words and phrases your customer uses so you can repeat them back when delivering a solution

    Larissa McMahon B Online Learning
  • A structure to selling that is flexible and variable depending on the customer

    Fiona Hipkiss Flordis
  • Learning how to understand your client was essential. This was the core of the course.

    Patrick Hone Kademi
  • Understanding our clients overall vision is imperative. We need to adapt and apply relevance between our products and their needs to find positive solutions and build rapport.

    Amanda Newnham Woodpecker
  • Know where your customer is at before you provide solutions to them

    Kylie Lenton Avery
  • I learned how to observe how the client is communicating so u can best communicate back the same.

    Nemara The Propper
  • You as the sales person is responsible for ensuring the message is heard and understood by the client

    Mark Williamson Audio Visual Events
  • Understanding your customer fully provides us with the critical information to help us sell. Being observant and adapting according to what's happening.

    Kylie Palmer Group HIS
  • Recognising when the customer is mentally working through her reasons in her own mind as to why she should buy- how not to interrupt this point!

    Linda Tizard The Broad Picture
  • It is important that you are able to observe the behaviours of a potential client, identifying thier core needs and then adequately adapt your solution.

    Alicia Temple Wise Up Marketing
  • I completely understand now the reason for questions and understanding the customer to that degree. How to then repeat back to them, in their language my solution.
    Anthony Roddy Shore Financial
  • I learnt that it is important to ask question’s and you need to be asking the right questions and stay on the topic. Also to listen to what the client is actually saying as sometimes we don’t hear every word they say as we are thinking of what we want to hear or the next question we will ask.

    Tom Southern Wire
  • I understood how to be on the same wave length as my client.

    James Bell CBS Interactive
  • It is important to observe the customer and notice what details they ask for or if they are in a hurry so you can adapt accordingly.

    Jacquie Miceli Woodpecker
  • This course is all about the customer and what she wants, how she operates, what her vision of her needs are- my response will be adapted to those (not my own needs/perceptions)

    Linda Tizard The Broad Picture
  • Adapt to the language your customer responds to so you can sell them what they need

    Monica Gilbert The Glove Company
  • Qualify all stakeholder needs and help them feel comfortable with the sale.

    Kim Ballestrin Elabor8
  • Everybody wants, needs, reacts and buys differently so you need to consider how the customer operates.

    Jennifer Allen ScanBrands / Baby Bjorn
  • Asking questions making the customer feel involved, valued, confident and builds trust.

    Marie Kitchin Mayfield Garden
  • Try to talk to all people who have an influence on the decision making

    Lisa Walker The Glove Company
  • Take advantage of the opportunity when your customer bypasses critical faculty during the buying process.

    Marianne Volakos Woodpecker
  • I learnt how to handle situations where you might be side tracked.

    Neil O'Sullivan CBS Interactive
  • Acknowledging where a client is at today reminds us to change our approach.

    Mary-Anne Amies Wise Up Marketing
  • Learning how to observe and adapt. This is crucially important as not every person/client is the same. A onesie fits all model is not realistic or effective.

    Daniele Montgomery Cosmediccentral.com.au
  • If one person is sold don’t assume all parties are sold, there is more work to be done and more questions required.

    Brad Watson Woodpecker
  • I learnt all about different types of questions, open ended, directional and how they assist us in assisting the client.

    Katelyn Tsiavos CBS Interactive
  • Your aim is to find out as much as you can.

    James Bell CBS Interactive
  • Learning to hold ourselves to each client and that one technique does not work for every situation.

    Andrew Franklin Guardright
  • Now i know that the more they talk the more i learn. The more i learn the more i can help them.

    Ann-Marie Pieler- Walton Safe T Stop NZ
  • Learnt how to create a mutual understanding between yourself and the client. This method assists in speaking the clients langauge (NLP).

    Chantell Elliott HCI
  • Negotiate on the terms rather than discounting the price

    David Campbell Audio Visual Events
  • I learnt how to ‘Frame’, how to create clues, bring in USP, and how to get other decision makers in the picture.

    Nicole Montgomery Trusted Surgeons
  • Realising that customers are all different and they change their mind so it's important to not assume therefore the importance to observe and adapt accordingly.

    Josh Davies Taxi Box
  • Use the word 'AND' instead of 'BUT' when delivering your solution to a complaint

    Derek Wensor EIR Group
  • Finding out what the client needs and wants are. (or you could be jumping the gun and offering products which they may not even need).

    Ben Sultana R&J Batteries
  • I've learnt to reframe a customers question so that I can understand what they want to do with the product and their requirements before I offer a solution

    Wesley Lim Seepex
  • I learnt how to bring in USP for maximum effect.

    Amy Renae Shift8
  • Make sure you have uncovered all the clients needs, uncover more opportunities, provide value

    Paul Keating Audio Visual Events
  • Fish where the fish are

    Jay Collinson Right2Drive
  • When it comes to client correspondence you should have a purpose, project confidence, remember that less is more and always make it about them.

    Alex Gerber Pro Auto Repairs
  • To be successful, it's the accurate matching of the customers requirements with a solution . It's all in the questions and observing what they do and say

    Richard Rodrigues Wontok
  • The sales person is responsible for both sides of the communication

    Kate Boorer Young Professional Women Australia
  • I learnt how to use 'Framing' which helps when someone says 'Tell me what you can do for me'.

    Alicia Temple Wise Up Marketing
  • The client should be doing the talking 90% of the time.

    Helena Pontes Web Publication

 Company Workshop Testimonials

  • I learnt how to focus on their needs to ensure that the solution you provide is most relevant and delivered in the most relevant language.

    Darren Matthews CBSI
  • I need to focus on the right customers and spend less time on those who don’t spend.

    Jason Bishop Neild & Co
  • Need to tailor messages to customers wants and needs. Make the customer feel important. Ensure conversations are relent. Elicit the pain and what people are trying to solve.

    Kirily Davis Elabor8
  • Observing to determine what questions and what the client needs.

    Dan McKay Gemini Industries
  • I learned how to read buying signals much more effectively than before, I learned how to read people better with NLP training.

    Darren Matthews CBS Interactive
  • I really enjoyed Charmaines approach and particularly drew from her insight into the psychology of sales.

    Darryl Coppings  Account Manager AV 24/7
  • I learned about insightful questions, how to avoid tangents whilst eliciting their needs and who to present the perfect solution.

    Michael Rematch Elabor8
  • Interesting, fun, engaging, enlightening - these are some of the words that come to mind about our sales workshop run by Charmaine for CBS Interactive (UK). Totally practical and incredibly powerful. The team had fun, learnt invaluable skills, left confident and with the know how on how to grow their client business further!

    Chris Cannon UK & EMEA Business Insider
  • Align, observe, adjust and deliver according to how a person operates.

    Leitisha Bingham Neild & Co
  • The course delivers practical and actionable learnings in a fun and relevant way. Charmaine has hands-on experience as a successful salesperson, she's incredibly down to earth and knows how to engage a room full of people of different ages and sales skills. Her material's spot on and her approach is fresh and engaging.

    Paul Keating AV 24/7
  • Knowing what to do with multiple decisions makers.

    Geoff Wilson Gemini Industries
  • I learnt how to use ‘Framing’ which allows me to get those clients discussing their needs - particularly those that say ‘show me what you’ve got’.

    David Nolan Gemini Industries
  • I learnt so much about listening, about questions, pattern interrupt...

    Lorraine Jackson Fisher & Paykel
  • I learnt the basis of Smarter Selling which is about understanding what the client needs, who they are and adapting to provide the solution they need.

    James Cullinane CBSI
  • I learnt the process of communication. How to uncover their needs and SO much more which will assist me in assisting them.

    Magdalena Kus CBSI
  • The success is measured in practical terms and I've seen a massive change in my staffs abilities, they are asking more questions and using the answers to close.

    Darren Matthews CBS Interactive
  • My team have been talking constantly about what they’ve learnt.

    Darren Matthews CBS Interactive 
  • Knowing how to deliver a tailored, effective solution to the client based on our observation.

    Mark Howe Gemini Industries
  • Awareness, of the client and their needs through questions and listening. So powerful!
    Josh Flint CBSI
  • I learnt what to do the moment the client is sold. How to behave. What happens neurologically.

    Geoff Wilson Gemini Industries
  • Learned enormous amount on how to close the sale in a faster way. The course has helped us enormously - sales are up and the sales team are more positive.

    Richard Gartner Safe T Stop
  • Tell team members what to do and not what not to do.

    Anna Ydreos Fisher & Paykel
  • How to observe and really listen to the client and what they are saying and not saying.
    Stuart Patterson Gemini Industries
  • How and when to bring in USP. How to keep the conversation relevant. Who to tailor it. Ensure the client feels valued.

    Christian Williams CBSI
  • I’ve learnt to make more time for my big customers through time management.

    Wade Cleary Neild & Co
  • I learnt about how to position your solution, different techniques, like Dove tail options.

    Daniel Nebauer Gemini Industries
  • How to understand your client and build trust. How to confirm you've understood and then how to communicate the tailored solution.

    Josh Centner Elabor8
  • Understanding how to have an effective meeting.

    David Nolan Gemini Industries
  • How to get information and how to tie that into a solution.

    Bob Moore Gemini Industries
  • The Three steps to a successful business partnership.

    David Scotter Gemini Industries
  • Understanding the flow of the sale, how to understand someones needs before proposing your solution. This way it will always match what they need.

    Risto Pearce Elabor8
  • Knowing how to steer the conversation so that it enables you to align your solution to your customers patterns, wants and needs.
    Geoff Wilson Gemini Industries
  • Learnt how to know when a client is sold and what to do at that point.
    Stefan Loannidis Gemini Industries
  • I learnt about 'framing' and how that 'frame' makes it relevant to the client so that they explain more about what they need.

    Jody Podbury Elabor8
  • The style of selling that Charmaine teaches is exactly what I have been looking for, client focused and truly making it all about them and their needs

    Kay Hillan PRP Imaging
  • I learned how to communicate with clients better.
    Jailed Dalgleish Gemini Industries
  • Learnt a structure for how to understand and sell to needs- but using key parts of what was elicited/inferred/detected so that a meaningful solution and outcome can be achieved for both us and the client.

    Andrew Oii Elabor8
  • I learnt a great frame which is useful when someone says 'tell us what you do' (as i clearly don't know yet what they need).

    Marcio Sete Elabor8
  • I learnt how to build trust, help client feel important, understood, listened to. How to address all concerns from all stakeholders.

    Vivia Cheah CBSI
  • How to build in your USP at the right time.

    Mark Howe Gemini Industries
  • The best approach comes from observing the customer, their circumstances and frame of mind.

    Tammy Codey Neild & Co
  • Learnt that people are complex and needs change- so observing so you can adjust style, language and solutions to meet the needs of the person you are selling to. Also, to present to them in their language

    Andrew Blain Elabor8
  • I learnt how essential it is to gain information, language, ideas and trust with the client before even speaking about my product.

    Brian Chin CBSI
  • I understand that attitudes drive different responses and it is important to be observant and flexible in my delivery.

    Neil Ayres Neild & Co
  • Make the conversation all about them and what they want from us, then supply it.

    Kay Hillan PRP Imaging 
  • I learnt how to use Framing to get the client to discuss their needs willingly.

    Dan Gray Elabor8
  • I learnt how to effectively read the customer, how to understand their needs and wants and how to adapt my approach to suit that need.
    Rea Heath Gemini Industries
  • I got great tips on how to get information from clients, how to get them talking - I learnt when to be quiet!

    Jason Cawthray Rogers Industries
  • I learnt how to tailor a solution to the customers needs.

    Shelly Pike Gemini Industries
  • Because every person, situation and product is different it's important to observe and adapt your approach.

    Greg Shield Elabor8
  • I learnt about how the client gets sold- not to interrupt a customer who is selling themselves in the product.

    Ross King Fisher & Paykel
  • I learned to ask lots of questions, give the customer every opportunity to talk.

    Anna Ydreos Fisher & Paykel
  • Framing- having the ability to create conversation even when they have seemingly shut down.

    Lorraine Jackson Fisher & Paykel
  • I leaned how to ask questions that open the client up to discussing everything.

    Daniel Nebauer Gemini Industries
  • Asking lots of questions to open up the customer to talking. I learnt exactly how this can assist me and the customer.

    Steve Edwards Rogers Industries
  • I learned how to help the client feel valued, how to understand them and how to effectively sell more that will benefit their business.

    Beatriz Perez CBSI
  • I’ve learnt how to study the customer and decide how much they are worth, where I can help them and how to manage my time with them.

    Mark Field Neild & Co
  • Open questions, directional questions, how to ask the right questions to allow you to look after your customer.

    Trend Davey Gemini Industries
  • Focus on the person or agency how they use their language, how they speak, what they say.. this way you really know how you.

    Janet Amupapparadon CBSI
  • I learned how to get more out of training sessions that i hold.

    Anna Ydreos Fisher & Paykel
  •  Understanding the need to be outward focused and not on yourself. How to observe the client. Adapting to changes and how to meet expectations.
    Chris Moffatt Gemini Industries
  • Understanding how to bring in the relevant USP's for maximum impact.

    Paul Caon Elabor8
  • Learnt so much, how to ask questions that are insightful, identifying patterns, what drives the purchase, how to formulate a solution and close.

    Karl Gates Elabor8
  • Each Sales Manger was motivated, up skilled. Charmaine was easy to communicate with, diligent, professional, totally flexible and delivered much more than the brief.

    Jay Patel Big W
  • I learnt many things, some to do with understanding how to use hypnotherapy techniques which was focused on how to observe the client so you know when they are actually talking themselves into your solution.

    Paul Caon Elabor8
  • Different things are important to different people. People change. I learnt that people have different buying strategies.

    Ryan Kennett-Wilson Gemini Industries
  • Assume nothing! Clarify their needs.

    Ross King Fisher & Paykel
  • Allowing the customer to talk to pin point needs, requirements and whats important. Being able to adapt to customers needs, requirements, interested and personality.

    Grant Williams Gemini Industries
  • I learnt that you can't expect others to be on board just because one person is 'sold' on your solution and how to handle that.

    Andrew Thorpe Elabor8
  • Totally understanding a simple structure. Enabling us to better serve out clients.

    Ryan Mckergow Elabor8
  • Learnt a simple formula on how to understand my clients needs & wants.
    Byron Gemini Industries
  • I learnt how to use ‘framing’ when a customer says ‘Tell me what you have’.

    Kerrod Purcell Gemini Industries
  • We’ve learned how to find more business, how to communicate with the customer in the right way, therefore we are getting more closed. So, it’s helped from the beginning to the close of the sale and also in finding extra business as well.

    Richard Gartner Safe T Stop
  • I now understand how to reframe myself so I can break through the ceiling.

    Danielle Ruhnau Neild & Co
  • How to reflect back to the customer in a positive way. How to gather information. What to do with it.

    Garry Chinn Gemini Industries
  • How to find out who is the right person who makes the decisions.
    Angelo Pansini Gemini Industries
  • Charmaine opened our eyes to some basic mistakes that we could not see in our sales process. Within a couple of sales meetings the difference is amazing to say the least.

    Veronica Hunter Safe T Stop
  • How to align with your customer and present the right offering in a manner that the customer will relate to.

    Barry Elliott Rogers Industries
  • Never assume what the customer is thinking. Always be open to any position.

    Kim Hanson Neild & Co
  • I learned how to get through to a decision maker. How to build a case for a trusting/respectful conversation.

    Deepthi Ramaswamy Gemini Industries
  • Learnt how to get through to the decision makers.

    Phil McKercher Gemini Industries