10 tips for working from home

Right now, more and more people are starting to work from home.

As the Corona Virus spreads companies are requesting and some enforcing their teams continue to work from home.  They are arming them to be vigilant, understand social distancing and reduce all face to face activities.

For many this is scary as their whole business model and indeed, technique is based on face to face meetings.

This is to assist all those working in sales to find the transition to home and working remote easy and simple.

1) Positivity

You need to rise above this.  The media pushing a lot of negative content out there, and it’s easy to get caught up in it. Some of us its ‘business as usual’ but in a different work setting. Some of us will need to pivot who our main client is and where the revenue will now come from. Whatever your situation is, ensure you are allowing in a good chunk of ‘good news’ story’s. Listen to motivating podcasts, read positive stories, watch great uplifting motives. And when you ‘dial’ into friends/colleagues during the day – choose those that are positive – so they bring some balance to your life.


2) Structured

Anyone that’s been working from home as a living will tell you the number one advise is have structure. Plan for your week, the following week and then each day at 5pm plan for the next day.  When there is a clear goal, purpose and structure all the potential ‘issues’ with working from home (i.e., distractions) don’t have any airtime as you are focused, you know what you need to achieve and what you need to do to get there.


3) Office Space

Find a space in your home which you can keep clean and organised. If you are sharing this with someone else in the family, make it your space when you are using it.  For most a clean, clear desk is a clean, clear mind.  This needs to be somewhere that you can work from and be as productive as possible. Grab anything that you find motivational from work -i.e. if you have a motivational quote etc then do that at home. You need ‘anchors’ that this is a workplace. Office space in the sense of how you dress- think about how you work best. If you need to be in formal attire to get into the ‘head space’ then that’s what’s right for you.


4) Contact with Colleagues

Keep up with contact with your colleagues and managers. Ensure there is a system where you can contact them every day. Ideally at the start and end of the day. This sets the tone for your focus for the day and also for discussing what was covered for the day. A ‘Stand up’ via phone or video conferencing will get you all in the headspace for the day.


5) Enjoy getting more done

Believe me more can get done at home. The office is a hugely distracting place. Most go to work to ‘work’ but many of us do it for the social interaction and I myself, if needing to get something ‘out’ and ‘quiet’ will choose home over work. (note, not if the children are there)! You will find you will get more done.


6) Video conferencing

Ensure you are comfortable doing video conferencing. From knowing how to use the technology through to ensuring your home is clean and tidy (what’s in view – the rest doesn’t have to be)! Some find the intimacy of video conferencing at home a way to form deeper connections. After all, you are letting this person into your home. Make the most of this time to form meaningful relationships. Discuss that dog or the photo on the wall. Let them see the real you. Remember that your clients need to see the ‘professional’ you so have yourself present well – keep that lipstick/jacket to hand.


7) You are your number one commodity

Make sure you are looking after yourself. Drink lots of water, eat well. Take regular breaks, get some fresh air, listen or read something (positive) and non-work related in your lunchbreak.  If you cannot walk around outside (due to the virus) then wonder around your home, do something different. Take up some yoga or meditation. Schedule these breaks, ideally every few hours for 10 minutes or more. Your mind (and body) need refuelling and resetting.


8) Social interaction

It’s important to factor in some social interaction (especially if you got a lot at work). So, do schedule a time to call a colleague (lunch time) and outside of work make time to connect with friends. If you can walk around the neighbourhood then do say, look people in the eye, say hi, ask them how they are doing.


9) Distractions

Now the previous tip mentioned being structured and organised. Now let’s chat about if you have someone self-isolating at your home or even your kids at home. Nothing like resourcefulness and creativity to pull you out of this one!! Your time for working may be altered to fit in these unexpected guests.

You may decide to move your ‘working hours’ to be more Intune with the running of the household. I.e. before anyone has woken up, when they are out in another room (garden/screen) and at night.


10) Drive new business

This is your time to stand out and make things happen. This is when to become resourceful. To step into it.

Good Salespeople are always wanted, and this is the time to flex your muscle of being accountable, proactive and resourceful.

Keep CRM systems up to date. Keep your boss in the loop. Flag outgoing emails. Give a report at the end of the day of what you did – copy and paste from your CRM. This helps you and your company know what was achieved, roadblocks and where assistance is needed.

Cheeky extra…

11) Smile!

Smile, these may be ‘different’ times or ‘challenging times’ but frankly, for many of us we have had it good for a long time. So, lean in and breathe, embrace the hardships that for many are part and parcel of their life all the time and are not a ‘blip’ in their time line.

Appreciate the little things. Find balance, acquire gratitude.

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