Successful negotiators are created not born. Shift the focus from price to aligning the perfect solution. Learn great tactics. 

Two day FAST TRACK: Learn the essentials to being a powerful negotiator! 

Providing you and your team with great negotiation skills sets you up for life. 

Shift the focus from price and onto aligning with the perfect solution.

This will get you completely ahead of the game when it comes to knowing how to negotiate.


  • Plan, prepare, outcome
  • Focus
  • Intention
  • Build Trust
  • How to Align


  • Techniques
  • Hierarchy
  • Cartesian Coordinates


  • Persuasion
  • Observation & Adaption
  • How to motivate
  • Positioning
  • What can move
  • Influence
  • Reframes


  • Value
  • Buyer position
  • Drivers
  • Meta programs


  • You set the value
  • Emotional intelligence

Our Process

  • Adapting your questions and ways of communication in order to treat the client as a unique individual.

    James Wallace Critical Dental
  • Realising that customers are all different and they change their mind so it's important to not assume therefore the importance to observe and adapt accordingly.

    Josh Davies Taxi Box
  • Learnt that people are complex and needs change- so observing so you can adjust style, language and solutions to meet the needs of the person you are selling to. Also, to present to them in their language

    Andrew Blain Elabor8
  • 90% of the time you should be asking questions and listening- and observe. Listen/be quiet/ask questions + learn.

    Bruce Perry Wontok
  • Take advantage of a customer who is in buying mode by introducing and selling other products.

    Khaled Berrahal SATO Global, February 2017
  • I’ll now ask customers how I can save them time, not cost.

    Thomas Hain Neild & Co
  • Bring the customers attention to what makes you better than the alternatives.

    Sarah Schofield Empire Bridal, March 2017
  • The best tactic is to know what the customer wants.

    Simon Butler Woodpecker, March 2017
  • Negotiation is a process which begins with understanding what the customer wants.

    Chris Ayshford STM Brands, March 2017
  • You can only negotiate once you know what the customer wants.

    Soulla Dionysiou Woodpecker, March 2017