Objections making you freeze?

Sales reps are always telling me about objections the clients are throwing at them. So, I want to discuss the psychology behind roadblocks, obstacles and objections in general. Your client is [...]

Good ole fashioned service

Whilst visiting Ulladulla coffee shop back in April, My 10-year-old says, ‘this bacon and egg roll is the best’ and rated it out of 10. Back ‘home’ from that moment on each week we go out for a [...]

Strategic Presenting

Attract more business with strategic presentations Firstly, what is Strategic Presenting? It is a thoroughly thought-out pathway of steps around your client engagement, to ensure a successful [...]

Customer Service

Great customer service is about caring. Here I am outside my favourite café, Gertrude and Alice in Bondi, Sydney, NSW, Australia. I chose this location as the place to drive my (hired) reg 1954 [...]

Body Language

Understanding body language is essential when you’re a salesperson. Here we investigate how you can understand the thinking behind body language, what you can do to understand your clients’ [...]

Remote Selling -part one

Leaders are currently facing added and unprecedented challenges managing teams (and clients!). While striving to keep everyone sharp and in a productive, proactive, focused and success-driven [...]

Handling Objections

Sales leaders often identify ‘handling objections’ as one of the top 5 skills they want their team to learn, so we thought it might be a good idea to share some actionable pointers so you can [...]

How do I get more business?

The key to a good salesperson, one who continuously drives business, is really summed up in this sentence ‘Do what others will not do’. The client says ‘no’. So what? Learn, be resilient and move [...]