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Sales training to increase confidence, performance & profit

Developed & delivered by a proven sales expert with 25+ years experience

Get your team ahead of the game – we run coaching via zoom and have comprehensive online programs

Ensure your sales team is performing at their best every day?  

Are you a sales director looking for the right training to enhance their skills and performance?

Are you looking for a leading sales expert who can deliver training to:

Upskill individuals to work at peak performance every day?

W Provide proven and easy to implement sales strategies?

Empower them to embrace personal accountability?

Demonstrate what is achievable with a growth mindset?

Enable immediate results and enhanced sales skills?

W Show how to identify new opportunities?  

Sales training guaranteed to get the team firing on all cylinders

Over 8,000 sales people have enjoyed the lasting success from the sales strategies they learned in our sales training.   

With over 300 testimonials – many say as well as learning simple to implement techniques – the bonus was how much fun they had in the process. The energy in our workshops is truly inspiring.  

Our suite of sales training courses are designed to enhance performance at every level of sales experience.  

The training is designed and delivered by a proven expert with over 28 years experience as a high performance sales person – Charmaine Keegan – Founder, Director and Lead Trainer.  

The training arms your team with practical strategies they can put into place immediately resulting in creating and converting new opportunities. 

Our extensive 5 stage sales training suite, ensures you and your team can access the development programs you need well beyond the initial workshop – for rapid advancement with lasting changes.

The next Sales Accelerator Sales Training workshop dates 

SYDNEY: 7 & 8 April
MELBOURNE: 28 & 29 May

uno Home Loans are all about understanding their customer and so engaged with Smarter Selling to enhance the performance of their teams.
“Charmaine delved in to learn about our team, goals and outcomes”
“The program was practical and relevant”

Julie Armstrong, COO, uno Home Loans

Hear what Uno Home Loans have to say about their 2 day Sales Accelerator workshop

Our signature Sales Accelerator training delivers immediate returns for your business.  Our training is comprehensive and the training outcomes are immediate and lasting.


Charmaine has trained thousands of savvy sales professionals in her career.  She LOVES selling and is driven to empower others to be masters of sales and communication. As an absolute authority in sales leadership, Charmaine is recognised as a thought leader in sales and is also a keynote speaker, author, blogger and educator in this space.  

Whether you or the team are just starting out or you’ve been in the industry for your entire career – we have training to suit every experience level.

Smarter Selling is a sales training company created by a passionate, proven sales expert, Charmaine Keegan – Director, Founder and Lead Trainer, with over 28 years experience in high performance sales.

Sales training guaranteed to get you or your sales teams primed to find new opportunities

Watch and learn:

  • Find out how our training empowers sales professionals to make immediate changes in their sales process to ensure they are operating at peak performance on a daily basis. 
  • We have trained over 8,000 sales professionals to deliver value to their clients in new ways.  
  • See the enthusiasm and energy in our workshops.


Learn more about how your team could be highly upskilled via coaching online or face to face. 

Learn more about all of our sales training workshops to build high performing sales teams and grow your business. 

Our next workshops for the 2 day Sales Accelerator in Sydney and Melbourne are in April and May. Call us to find out more!   

Charmaine Keegan, Head Trainer, Founder & Director


Listen to Charmaine as she explains the three key qualities of a high performing sales person.

Plus hear some very simple, effective techniques to allow your team to elicit from your client everything that you need to know to offer the best solution to them.

Listen to our other videos for the latest sales tips and strategies


The common challenges are:


  • Leader: teams look to leaders for direction- keep everyone focused 
  • Leaders drive it internally: how to use the on line to drive performance daily


  • Working from home: How to keep productive structure, discipline, care, proactivity, accountable
  • Mindset: The right mindset means you keep driving calls all day, you are able to reframe clients, you are able to keep charge of your ‘state’
  • Running at 200%: Your team have to be polished, on the front foot, proactive and determined.
  • Resourceful: This is the time to step into problems, find work arounds, create different ways of connecting with clients
  • Innovation: how to get your team step into creativity
  • Telephone skills: Professional telephone manner: learn how to convey your message with clarity and with a successful outcome
  • Zoom skills: How to master telephone conferencing to bridge the gap
  • Professional Sales Techniques and Methodology on how to conduct effective sales conversations and conversions

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