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Sales Training that increases confidence, performance and profit.


Our sales training assists your team to make more profit, set themselves up for success every day.  We teach them to exceed targets. To be in charge of their mindset. 


Our workshops teach powerful techniques that are practical and motivational. Your team will enjoy rapid advancement of their skills and capabilities.
(Send any number of participants.)


Bespoke training tailored to your company’s needs. Participants emerge fully equipped with both the practical application and the confidence. See immediate behavioural difference in their capabilities, motivation and attitude.


We teach how to think commercially, how to increase performance, how to be accountable 

Our approach is what makes us unique.

The journey you take with us is one where your goal becomes our goal. We have a full support system for you and your team.

We have a unique 3 step process based on what happens before the workshop, on the workshop and then post the workshop.

Before the workshop: we focus on your goal, your outcome. We reach out to participants, get them excited. We ‘set’ everyone up for being open to learning. (The psychology behind the ‘pre workshop’ step is very detailed).

The Workshop: Is interactive, fun, informative. Lots of engagement, lots of questions. Your team go through a journey of ‘reflection’ (ah, that’s what I always default to’) ‘understand’ (through exercises and joint work), then ‘process’ then ‘action’ by doing a ‘what I am now going to do as of tomorrow’.

Post Workshop: we have 4 weeks of thorough content exchange, resources, assistance, Q&A. The Director gets a report on who needs what and how to keep everyone over performing.


Smarter Selling workshops have a reputation for fast, lasting results.


After a more confident, motivated sales team?

On top of 25 years + of extensive, high performing sales results we are trainers of NLP (and Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy), we focus on mindset, setting yourself up for success, knowing how to sell easily, being accountable. This leads to confident, motivated people that know how to exceed target.

Want the team to over perform – be accountable?

We work on mindset and responsibility. Some of the phrases you will hear regularly are:

Stop Talking & Start Listening (our slogan)

Take Action (Consistently)!

Be a model of excellence – always (every day be your best, be someone anyone can model of)


Why is it so successful?

In every workshop we’ve run, participants say “this feels exactly right. It feels like the professional way to sell and if I were a client and someone approached me like this I would buy from them!”.

Consultative sales programs – ideal for charities and not-for-profits

Public Workshop Dates 

We hold public workshops in Sydney and Melbourne every month for our signiture course – ‘Sales Accelerator’ and our further stages of development.

Our next 5 workshops are:


Sales Accelerator 2 Day Course Sydney – June 13 & 14 More Info

Price Qty
Single Ticket ($1895 +GST)show details + $2,084.50 (AUD)  

Sales Essentials 1 Day Course Sydney – June 19 More Info

Price Qty
Single Ticket ($1295 +GST)show details + $1,424.50 (AUD)  


Price Qty
Single Ticket ($2845 +GST)show details + $3,129.50 (AUD)  

Sales Accelerator 2 Day Course Melbourne – June 25 & 26 More Info

Price Qty
Single Ticket ($1895 +GST)show details + $2,084.50 (AUD)  


Our workshops are full of exercises that teach, engage and stretch the individual. We understand learning styles, motivational techniques, how to keep it upbeat and interesting.


  • Learn easy and effective strategies to drive more revenue – quickly
  • Upskill your team so they understand the client better and how to seek opportunities for growth
  • Be taught how to produce powerful presentations that match the client’s need
  • Learn how to negotiate successfully
  • Win more business
  • Be the expert
  • Learn how to influence your clients for the best possible outcome
  • Understand why people buy and the psychology behind buying behaviours
  • Learn to manage tricky situations and turn objections into sales
  • Understand how to get client loyalty, longevity and referrals 
  • Get premium prices
  • Be the authority

See how we can help your company


Our high energy public workshops teach the most advanced techniques in sales.

You want rapid advancement of your team’s abilities – this is what will get it!

Starting with ‘Stage One’ Sales Essentials
– understanding the fundamentals to finding, creating and converting a sale.

They will emerge upskilled, re-energised, motivated and raring to go.

The most advanced ‘Foundation’ course in the market. (Suitable for all abilities.)


Great for rapidly upskilling your team.

Tailoring the workshops to focus on what they most need to succeed, we choose the topics that achieve your desired outcome.

See our Stages of Development which is often used as a guide for your team’s development.

Engaging, practical and fun, the exercise based workshops deal with real life situations arming each person with solutions. They emerge fully equipped with both the practical application and the confidence.

See immediate behavioural difference in their capabilities, motivation and attitude.


Master powerful sales techniques at your next event

Looking for a ‘Sales’ section at your next get together/event/conference?
Get your team in the right ‘head space’ for taking your company forward. 
Have an engaging, upbeat, thoroughly practical, informative sales workshop.
Up skill quickly and easily. Material engages and stretches all levels of experience.
Any sales topics covered – all to suit your needs.
We cater for every size and occasion.

Are you or your team new to sales?

If you are from a non-sales background and want a formula that is professional, then Smarter Selling can assist you in understanding selling with integrity. 

Charmaine is the Director and Head Trainer of Smarter Selling


Being in sales her entire life, Charmaine Keegan, Director and Head Trainer of Smarter Selling, believes sales is fundamentally good communication skills. At all times focusing on what the other person wants.

Charmaine believes that sales should come from a place of integrity – a place of honesty. It’s quite simple, you have something that your client may need. It’s all communication, and how to master these skills exceptionally. It should also come from a headspace of commercial savviness, to be proud and understand that a business has to run and make a profit.

Her thinking is – if you don’t offer the client other opportunities, then, in fact, you are doing the client a disservice.

The key aspects of these sales and communication techniques she has passed on to her teams in the corporate world for over 20 years with a thorough, robust methodology which she has served her teams to be organised, know how to use language, how to communicate effectively and how to get more business – easily and with integrity. The teams she led worked efficiently, productively and aimed for 200% over target as a minimum.

Since 2009, Charmaine has shared her expertise with the wider community as a trainer through Smarter Selling. A regular speaker at public engagements on topics such as ‘How to Understand and Better Align with your Customer’, ‘How to Sell More with Integrity’, and ‘How to Get More Business in Fast’. Charmaine also runs workshops weekly all over Australia and tours 5 other countries each year.

Her workshops have a reputation for immediate behavioural change. They are renowned for their fun, thought-provoking and inspiring nature, rapid upskilling abilities and motivating individuals to operate more efficiently and effectively. To have a winning mindset. To aim for the best case scenario every time. To be commercially minded. Charmaine teaches how easy it is to create and convert business, all through simple tweaks in your behaviour and delivery.

She makes it easy for your client to buy off you.

She is also a trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming – i.e. how your customer thinks), a trainer of Hypnotherapy (how to use language to embed positive messages about your company) and a trainer of Time Line Therapy (being in charge of your state and mindset).

Understanding sales all starts in your head.

Smarter Selling’s parent company name is Success Mindset Academy Pty Ltd. Charmaine and the team see all sales and interactions as being a mindset. Mindset being you are the result so your actions. Be in charge of your emotional state – be accountable.


  • I learnt how to build trust, help client feel important, understood, listened to. How to address all concerns from all stakeholders.

    Vivia Cheah CBSI
  • The success is measured in practical terms and I've seen a massive change in my staffs abilities, they are asking more questions and using the answers to close.

    Darren Matthews CBS Interactive
  • I walked away with a greater sense of confidence in myself as a sales rep than I could have ever imagined. Charmaine was engaging, enthusiastic, extermely knowledgeable and well read. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

    Megan Steiner Hospira
  • It was great to really understand how to really grow business fast by being so client focused. Understanding their needs and wants and the way they operate.

    Christian Pieler Safe T Stop
  • I learnt how to really control the client and environment allowing me to adapt to the change in attitude and content so you can make the most out of your sales experience. How to stay in control.

    Michael Wickens Full House Group
  • I'm not a planner, but I now will be as a result of training with Smarter Selling - time to make every opportunity count!

    Ric Cabita IRT
  • Interesting, fun, engaging, enlightening - these are some of the words that come to mind about our sales workshop run by Charmaine for CBS Interactive (UK). Totally practical and incredibly powerful. The team had fun, learnt invaluable skills, left confident and with the know how on how to grow their client business further!

    Chris Cannon UK & EMEA Business Insider
  •  Understanding the need to be outward focused and not on yourself. How to observe the client. Adapting to changes and how to meet expectations.
    Chris Moffatt Gemini Industries
  • I learnt how to use the clients language when repeating key points back. This way you align with their thinking.

    Katelyn Tsiavos CBS Interactive
  • The sales was absolutely incredible. The content was specific and relevant to my field, the techniques and theories I learned have allowed me to delve deeper into the needs of my clients in order to produce lasting results.

    Megan Steiner Hospira
  • I learnt that every situation & person is different. The way they buy, hear things, react, what's important to them  and you need to frame correctly and ask the questions that will benefit both parties.

    Sean Mealor Corum
  • I learnt how to use ‘Framing’ which allows me to get those clients discussing their needs - particularly those that say ‘show me what you’ve got’.

    David Nolan Gemini Industries
  • Wow - I've been selling to myself ie thinking everyone else is like me and has my needs and selling the same way! Now I'm going to really find out what they want, aligning with their needs and create supportive nurturing relationships.

    David O'Toole IRT
  • Through observation and listening we can learn exactly what our clients want and need. We can then adapt our plan accordingly and give the right solution for their business.

    Tracey Nock Scanbrands/Baby Bjorn, February 2017
  • I learnt that it is important to ask question’s and you need to be asking the right questions and stay on the topic. Also to listen to what the client is actually saying as sometimes we don’t hear every word they say as we are thinking of what we want to hear or the next question we will ask.

    Tom Southern Wire
  • I learnt the basis of Smarter Selling which is about understanding what the client needs, who they are and adapting to provide the solution they need.

    James Cullinane CBSI
  • I learnt that every client is different and they don't always want to hear the same things. It's very important to find out their individual needs and desires and then show how you can help.

    James Nicholson Full House Group


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