Which course should I begin with?
If you have had no prior experience and you are not negotiating, handling objections or presenting, then the Sales Essentials program. 
If you are experienced OR you are handling objections, negotiation, presenting and need to do business growth then the Sales Accelerator program.
Where is the location?

Sydney’s location:
Adina Apartments, 359 Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW 2010.

Melbourne’s location:
Saxons, Level 8/500 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

What's included in the cost?

This includes our three step process: pre-workshop, workshop, and post workshop. This is to understand you, your outcome, and your goal. Plus everything else, workbooks, materials, refreshments, all day and lunch – all you need to do is turn up curious to learn!

Do we get a certificate or recognition?

Yes, if you do a set program and you answer the information in full in the last afternoon you get a certificate to show you are proficient in those subjects.

What if I need to cancel or move dates?

If you give 21 days notice you can either move your booking to a different date or have a full refund. Anything less than 21 days then there is no refund.

What if I have a number of people on my team attend?
Most teams attend together, it helps with learning the same methodology, being consistent with language used in the office, and support for each other.
Chat to us about your teams development through the stages. (There’s a sliding discount for 4+ attendees).
We have very experienced salespeople, which course should they do?
We train many salespeople that are very experienced, most with 25 years experience. We are all evolving! Those with experience start their journey with us at Stage 2: The Sales Accelerator, and then expand on their requirements by attending Stage 3: Business Development, Negotiation and Presenting and then Stage 4: Sales Mastery: NLP techniques.
Can we put beginners and experienced on the same course?
Yes absolutely. The Sales Accelerator is set up for those with some experience behind them. Most companies would put their team on the same course so that they are consistent in their methodology and also bounce ideas off each other.
Should the manager attend?
Yes absolutely. Most managers attend the training with their team. They are demonstrating to the team that a ) we are all ‘open to learning’ b) to learn! c) support the team – so that you can use consistent language and embed the learnings they have been taught when they are back in the office.
We also have a receptionists and customer service that engage with clients - should they attend?

Absolutely! All ‘touch points’ with the client need to know how to engage meaningfully, using the right language, how to be the ‘trusted advisor’. Inevitably, they are all influencing the clients perception of the business. (Stage 1: Sales Essentials is set up for those ‘foundations’ of how to sell. If they are attending with their team we would suggest they attend the same course – the Sales Accelerator).

Can our organisation have their own tailored program?

Yes, we work with many organisations to develop tailored training. Contact our team now to discuss.