Fact track your sales abilities with this one day program

A must for those new to sales or with limited sales training.

Summary: Learn the absolute fundamentals into understanding how to sell. Get a kick start in knowing exactly what a sales person needs to do to achieve their budget. How to act, behave, what to say and what not to say! Understanding questions and their importance.

Is Sales Essentials for me?

  • New to sales
  • Working in Consulting or Customer Service and need to up-skill
Sales 101 
  • Know what it means to sell.
  • The basics in knowing how to get more business.
  • How to enjoy selling and understand the philosophy behind what’s happening between two people.
  • How do we build trust? Professionalism?
Essentials to sales
  • What are the essential ingredients to sell and to sell more?
  • How do you need to set yourself up for success?
  • How should you prepare yourself (physically and mentally)
  • Questions are the key to selling.
  • Learn questions which will get your customer talking.
Phone techniques
  • What to say and how to say it.
How to think commercially every time
  • Your job in sales is to generate growth.
  • How to acquire commercial smarts and start recognising opportunities.

Our Learning Process

Step 1: Before the workshop

Performance Assessment

Pre-work is required for this program

1. We would like to know about your business and specifically how you currently go about your Sales Process.
A questionnaire is sent for completion.

2. Book a consultation with a Growth Manager
After you have submitted your questionnaire you will speak with one of our Growth Managers.
They will delve deeper into specifics to ensure we know your goal and outcome for the workshop.

Step 2: The workshop

Performance Improvement

Program: Sales Essentials
Duration: 1 day
Timing: Registration 7.15am – 5.30pm
Refreshments: Served all day (Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea)

Step 3: Post the workshop

Performance Supported

You and the team are provided with four weeks of tailored content and support.



  • I walked away with a greater sense of confidence in myself as a sales rep than I could have ever imagined. Charmaine was engaging, enthusiastic, extermely knowledgeable and well read. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

    Megan Steiner Hospira
  • I learnt very quickly that sales is about understanding the other person and what they want. Not everyone thinks the same!

    Ann-Marie Pieler- Walton Safe T Stop NZ
  • It was great to really understand how to really grow business fast by being so client focused. Understanding their needs and wants and the way they operate.

    Christian Pieler Safe T Stop
  • I learnt that every situation & person is different. The way they buy, hear things, react, what's important to them  and you need to frame correctly and ask the questions that will benefit both parties.

    Sean Mealor Corum
  • It's important to ask questions and get that client talking, also just because one of your contacts is 'sold' within an organisation- don't assume the other decision makers are.

    James Nicholson Full House Group
  • I learned how to observe everything. What the client is saying and doing. How to keep the customer discussing their needs.

    Nemara The Propper
  • Understanding our clients overall vision is imperative. We need to adapt and apply relevance between our products and their needs to find positive solutions and build rapport.

    Amanda Newnham Woodpecker
  • I now understand the difference between literal and inferential clients and how to help them understand that change is beneficial.

    Amanda Newnham Woodpecker
  • Everybody wants, needs, reacts and buys differently so you need to consider how the customer operates.

    Jennifer Allen ScanBrands / Baby Bjorn
  • Take advantage of the opportunity when your customer bypasses critical faculty during the buying process.

    Marianne Volakos Woodpecker