Fact track your sales abilities with this one day program

A must for those new to sales or with limited sales training.

Summary: Learn the absolute fundamentals into understanding how to sell. Get a kick start in knowing exactly what a sales person needs to do to achieve their budget. How to act, behave, what to say and what not to say! Understanding questions and their importance.

Sales Essentials is ideal for

  • Telephone based client interaction
  • Customer Service personnel that can upsell
Sales 101 
  • Learn the A – Z of selling
  • Understand the basics in knowing how to get more business
  • Understand the philosophy behind what’s happening between two people
  • Learn how to build trust. Learn about Professionalism
Essentials to sales
  • Know exactly what’s needed to set yourself up for success
  • Know the essential ingredients to selling, up-selling, cross-selling
  • Learn about mindset,  preparation and linking the clients’ needs to your solution
Understanding your customer
  • Questions are the key to selling
  • Listening and being present
  • Learn how to close
Phone techniques
  • Learn what to say and how to say it
How to think commercially every time
  • Your job in sales is to generate growth
  • How to acquire commercial smarts and start recognising opportunities

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  • What a great experience. 2 days of the Sales Accelerator course were totally engaging, educational and rewarding on so many levels. In short, a greater understanding of how mindset, listening , adaptation affect not only sales but your outlook and performance in life. Thumbs up to Charmaine and the Smarter Selling Team

    Jamie Fonti Sales Manager, Sydney Props
  • Hi Charmaine I take this opportunity to respond to your training, I have been in business for a number 40+ years and realized that it was time to improve my sales ability in a real practical way and when I saw Charmaine demonstrating her knowledge and practical approach to understand customer and form trust, I understood how poorly I had been operating till then and decided to attend her training. The program was over 2 days , was extremely informative, easy to follow and was packed with insights, I now know where the gaps were in my process and now know what to do, all with integrity and authenticity. I will be doing additional trainings

    Brendan Torpey Director, Torpey Associates
  • I recently decided it was time to take my sales skillset to the next level. I found many options but Smarter Selling stood out from the alternatives. The Sales Accelerator workshop was tailored to suit my needs, thanks to the teams ability to listen and understand where I was coming from and going to. Even more important to me was to know the instructor taking the class is speaking from experience and a place where I aspire to be. Charmaine's communication was clear, the class interactive and the lesson inspiring. I would highly recommend the Sales Accelerator course to anyone who wants to level up, like I know I have since completing this course. And I can't wait for the next one!

    Chris Muelu Retail Terriroty Specialist, Sony
  • I always believe an individual should invest in their own personal growth. Sometimes the things we think we see and know we really don’t - as Charmaine describes as our “filters”. Our company had a training session with Charmaine and we could see her passion fuming head to toe in the way she talks and the valuable and practical knowledge she has accumulated over the years.   Quick personal anecdote: i had a client that we placed an order for quite a large amount - on something he hasn’t bought before. We then prepared a small table and graph (took a couple minutes) and sent it off to show the savings, usage and any other information he might need/want. He called back saying double the order, over such a small act of providing that little extra value and convenience. Its the biggest order i’ve placed thus far and all it took was us providing a little extra value. Just one of the many concepts Charmaine goes into detail of.   Grow your mind, grow your future.   Thank you, Charmaine.

    Assad Khan Pharmacor - Sales Representative
  • Fun, insightful way to learn better, efficient and more engaging sales skills... while incidentally learning life skills!

    Kye Grech GC Dental Australasia
  • You will learn about things that you not have ever considered before, as well as things that are obvious but overlooked!!

    Jack Stanley Audio Network
  • If one person is sold don’t assume all parties are sold, there is more work to be done and more questions required.

    Brad Watson Woodpecker
  • Speak in the same terms and on the same level as your customer.

    Jason Dammon Woodpecker
  • Qualify all stakeholder needs and help them feel comfortable with the sale.

    Kim Ballestrin Elabor8
  • Get on the same wavelength as the customer and see their vision with them.

    Fan Chen Corum
  • It is important to observe the customer and notice what details they ask for or if they are in a hurry so you can adapt accordingly.

    Jacquie Miceli Woodpecker
  • Take advantage of the opportunity when your customer bypasses critical faculty during the buying process.

    Marianne Volakos Woodpecker
  • Everybody wants, needs, reacts and buys differently so you need to consider how the customer operates.

    Jennifer Allen ScanBrands / Baby Bjorn
  • I now understand the difference between literal and inferential clients and how to help them understand that change is beneficial.

    Amanda Newnham Woodpecker
  • Understanding our clients overall vision is imperative. We need to adapt and apply relevance between our products and their needs to find positive solutions and build rapport.

    Amanda Newnham Woodpecker
  • I learned how to observe everything. What the client is saying and doing. How to keep the customer discussing their needs.

    Nemara The Propper
  • It's important to ask questions and get that client talking, also just because one of your contacts is 'sold' within an organisation- don't assume the other decision makers are.

    James Nicholson Full House Group
  • I learnt that every situation & person is different. The way they buy, hear things, react, what's important to them  and you need to frame correctly and ask the questions that will benefit both parties.

    Sean Mealor Corum
  • It was great to really understand how to really grow business fast by being so client focused. Understanding their needs and wants and the way they operate.

    Christian Pieler Safe T Stop
  • I learnt very quickly that sales is about understanding the other person and what they want. Not everyone thinks the same!

    Ann-Marie Pieler- Walton Safe T Stop NZ