Focused on results we up-skill, inspire and motivate your team so that they have intelligent, sophisticated sales conversations,  demonstrating they are the authority – the trusted advisor and solution provider.

The Sales Accelerator course takes your team through seven, core fundamentals to rapidly find opportunities, convert sales and exceed their targets at the highest professional standard with integrity.

This is often where our partnership begins as we take your team on a transformational journey to sales excellence.

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Blended: Coaching plus Online learning
Coaching: 8 units: 3 x 1/2 day  sessions (live through video conferencing)
Online: 7 topics|120 videos | 8 hours | 12 week membership
Next Date: Online [as soon as you register] Coaching June 2022

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Sydney: June 20 & 21 | July full | Aug 16 & 17
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Discover the 7 core fundamentals of our SALES ACCELERATOR

Watch this video and learn how business leaders, sales and customer front line staff can increase sales and create rapid business growth.

We teach the core skills to truly understand your customer,  how to discover opportunities, build trust and position yourself as the trusted solution provider like never before.

(Video: 1m 9s)

7 core fundamentals

Understand your customer better and discover opportunities like never before.

1. Exploration

2. Listening

3. Objections

4. Negotiation

5. Account Development

6. Business Development / Prospecting

7. Presenting

1. Exploration

Why people buy. Who to effectively sell your product, service or idea


  • Total confidence in ability to put forward an aligned solution
  • Position yourself  as the expert/the authority in your field
  • Mindshift on what’s needed in this section

Includes: buyer behaviour, motivation and personality types as well as masterful telephone techniques and video conferencing

2. Listening

The backbone of all communication


  • Assumptions/beliefs
  • Awareness of when you are actively listening vs in default mode
  • How your client listens
  • What to do to ensure they hear what you are saying to match your intention

3. Objections

Understanding how to use them as opportunities to convert into a sale


  • Embracing objections
  • Using them to forge more meaningful relationships
  • Insight to how we feel and react to feedback and objections

4. Negotiation

Preparation, techniques, styles, mindset


  • Confident, successful negotiators
  • Effective action plans
  • Professionals who shift the focus from price to client alignment

5. Account Development

Service excellence. Investigating opportunities (not just ‘account manage’)


  • Communication styles
  • Understanding the client’s motivation
  • Identify buying signals

6. Business Development / Prospecting

Create genuine enthusiasm for prospecting


  • Who to target, when, how, what to say, what to do?
  • Organisation, focus and prioritisation
  • Consistency and clarity

7. Presenting

Structure to ensure seamless delivery of your message.


  • How to plan, prepare and execute
  • How to observe and adapt
  • Powerful presenters who understand how to embed a message with clarity

Includes: 3 Months Subscription to our Masterclass Series (examples below)

LinkedIn (4 levels)
Handling Objections
Video Conferencing
Buyer Behaviour
Strategic Presenting
Body Language

Results from the Sales Accelerator!


  • Recently I completed Charmaine's 2 Day Sales Accelerator in Sydney - and what a valuable experience it was. The content taught by Charmaine is unique, but extremely digestible. This has given me a refreshing outlook on sales, and we were provided with very actionable advice, which allows us to quickly improve. I would highly recommend the Sales Accelerator course by Smarter Selling to anyone who wants to broaden their outlook on sales - and this is not just for beginners! Thank you Charmaine & Smarter Selling for sharing your years of expertise. I'm so excited to put what I've learnt from you into practice!

    Matt Rothwell Marketing Executive, Wise Up
  • Our team of 30 just completed a program entitled: Customer Service Excellence, Complaint Handling and Conflict Resolution. We learnt how to communicate effectively, with integrity and with authenticity. I learned a lot about myself and the people I work with = clarity and perspective. Charmaine is genuine, she has exceptional energy, dynamism, vast knowledge, is highly experienced and uses relatable storytelling to land a message. The course content and analogies were particularly relevant and very useful. I love easy learning and seeing the team all highly engaged and involved was fantastic. They raved about it. The event also provided a rare and fabulous opportunity for bringing together a cross-section of contributions from IRT personnel who work both in the field and on the business, this helped with internal rapport and gave us a common framework and language to draw on. From an outcomes point of view, moving forward on the job - you could see people putting what they learnt into action straight away.

    Jackie Puffit Executive Support Officer, IRT Aged Care Services
  • What a fantastic program! I learnt so many things, including in-depth view of presenting. Fresh perspective of sales techniques and a great deal about harnessing your mindset for continued success. Definitely attending the next programs - so practical and informative. I can put into practice immediately.

    Claudia Loritsch Client Service Manager, Blis
  • I have just completed the 2-day Sales Accelerator training and found it to be incredibly insightful. Charmaine's energy and passion towards both the content and the people within in the course was second to none. I left with a refreshed outlook and numerous skills to take with me on the field. I highly recommend!

    Madeline Rush Sales Manager, TUSK HR Recruitment
  • Charmaine is incredibly skilled at sales training techniques. Every second spent with her was extremely valuable - I was bursting with eagerness to put her techniques to use in my workspace! An engaging, thoughtful and entertaining course that will benefit not just your work relationships but your personal connections - she unlocks a better way to live life.

    Annabelle Elvy Studio Manager, SydneyProps
  • Having had 2 years of coaching, via Skype, with Charmaine I learned how to understand and communicate with my clients at a deeper level, build stronger relationships and ultimately bring in more revenue by being more aligned to their needs. We have integrated all manner of sales techniques into our sessions and it always feels easy to implement. I have just been promoted to head up a department and the techniques that Charmaine has provided me with will certainly help over the coming year.

    Dan Taylor Head Global Sales ANW
  • I attended the two-day Sales Accelerator Workshop in Sydney, in February 2017. Charmaine is an inspirational, engaging and passionate trainer. I would recommend this workshop to people of all ages and experiences, across all industries. Whether you are new to sales or highly experienced...everyone will benefit from Charmaine's workshop. It's about learning to understand people, and in particular, people who are looking to purchase your service/product or solution. Charmaine reminds us of the golden rule: It's all about them. Observe and adapt as Charmaine teaches us, and we will soon see the benefits unfold in front of us. The usual 'sales' techniques and terms are not re-hashed in this workshop. Instead, Charmaine brings fresh new, dynamic and energetic language and thoughts into our world, and this is what gives her the edge over other trainers. I recommend this workshop to all employers and employees. You will not be disappointed and will find yourself wanting to go back for more! Thank you Charmaine.

    Jane miles Documentation & Support Specialist, Databee
  • Charmaine recently hosted my team of market engagement professionals for training. It was magnificent. A room full of people who were highly experienced in liaison and negotiation, we weren't sure what we'd get out of it. Charmaine got us to understand and focus on our strengths, look at what we could do better - and how we could do it, and to above all focus on how to make better connections through the relentless use of questions. I’d recommend her services to anyone who wants to improve the way they engage with other organisations.

    Tim Gore Employer Liaison Office, Department of Jobs and Small Business
  • Charmaine is full of energy and delivers an informative and engaging presentation. The Sales course that I attended really focused on asking important questions of your customers in order to enable you to achieve best value from your customer engagements. Oftentimes it can be difficult to apply course learning to your role but the fact that Charmaine continued to stay in touch after the course served to keep the key points that we learned in the course front of mind. This meant that course attendees had the best chance of applying their learning in real world engagements.

    Mark Harrion Business development manager, Ramsay Health Care
  • Just attended two days of Charmaine's Smarter Selling course - AMAZING!! This is hands down one of the best training courses I have ever been to. My husband & I have left with a fresh perspective on 'sales' & feel so confident in our approach when talking with our customers now. Charmaine is a highly engaging trainer who really implores you to let go of your baggage & just become a normal human being when talking with your customers. Excited to see what amazing results we produce in our business as a result of implementing Charmaine's training.

    Emma Reece Certified Pilate instructor, Sapphire Trade Services
  • The quality of training, content and overall experience with Charmaine and Smarter selling has been nothing short of amazing. Even before finishing the course I had managed to recognize and shift a lot of mental baggage I didn't even realise was there.   After finishing the 2-day Sales Accelerator Course I felt much more confident in myself and ability to help people. It hasn't even been a week and I find it so much easier to be present and focus on understanding what my customers need rather than being in my own head second guessing myself.   Thank you, Charmaine! you and your team are truly talented, and I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.

    Clayton Bellman Sales, La Rose Noire
  • Charmaine is an energetic and entertaining presenter. She is thorough and her team provide personalised engagement. This is a fresh and unique approach and completely different to 'traditional' sales training. I left with a new mindset on how to productively engage in a mutually beneficial style. The program focuses on engaging constructively with anyone, professional or personal. The training is enthralling and provides a fresh mindset for everyday life. Thanks Charmaine & team.

    Kelly Brodie Sales Representative, Fisher & Pykel
  • Undertaking Charmaine's sales training was an eye-opening experience. Coming in raw with limited sales experience her passion and knowledge on sales really resonated with me. She covered a diverse range of topics with expertise and effectively delivered the content in a digestible and engaging manner. She is very genuine in wanting to get the best out of her trainees and has continued to assist me after the conference. Smarter Selling has helped to kick start my sales career in the right direction and I would highly recommend the course for professionals at all levels

    Matthew Taylor Sales Associate, Pharmacor
  • Charmaine just ran a custom sales and coaching course for our pharmacy group managers. Her insights into our industry and business needs and practical tips will be highly beneficial to all our managers in terms of getting stronger sales outcomes, coaching and leading their teams to achieve business outcomes in a way that is holistic and serves customers better. Her NLP insights will be particularly useful on how to phrase and frame things to get great outcomes from customers and team members. Highly recommend Charmaine, she was engaging, professional, straight talking and extremely effective at getting the message across! Thank you, Charmaine, Karen and the team!

    Gayle Carew Human Resources Consultant, Synergy
  • After just completing a 2-day bespoke course in sales, communication and leadership with Charmaine and Karen I've come back to work feeling really energised and inspired to put what I've learned into practice. The course covered a lot of ground in 2-days and the groups energy level was high throughout. I put that down to the content which was tailored specifically for our needs and moved at the right pace, as well as our fantastic sales expert, Charmaine, whose warmth, passion, energy and understanding of our business and clients was spot on. This is the second course Smarter Selling has run for Cerebral Palsy Alliance and each time they have delivered exactly what was required. Already looking forward to the next one!

    Laure McKnight Senior Marketing Manager, Cerebral Palsy Alliance
  • I attended Charmaine’s Smarter Selling Sales and Mindset Training in mid-January this year. Whilst I was performing well in that month already, I found that I had picked up new tips and tricks that help me exceed my targets that month. Not only did I exceed them during that month, I found in the months following my performance has gone from strength to strength. Highly recommend anyone that wants to go the extra mile within their current role to attend this training as it did make all the more difference. Thank you, Charmaine

    Lorita Chidiac Home Loans Consultant , Uno Home Loans
  • I feel a lot more confident about what I'm doing now. Charmaine's session was really insightful and provided really good tools and framework for me in my business development career and beyond. So many things I've learnt are applicable across work and life. Would definitely recommend anyone who's keen on understanding more about themselves and expert sales communication to take part in Charmaine's courses.

    Yew Eng Ng Technical Business Development Manager, Solar Analytics
  • Thank you, Charmaine and the team, at Smarter Selling for helping me feel more confident in my abilities and for giving me the help I needed to be the best salesperson I can be. I recently completed the Sales Accelerator 2-day course and I feel more equipped than ever to deal with all levels of clients - new, existing, and those that are as of now undiscovered.    Charmaine's passion for sales and communications shines through in every aspect of her teaching s and there is no moment that you will be bored - especially when she delights you with her stories! I would absolutely recommend Smarter Selling to anyone that is looking for a straight-forward, action-packed course that aims to enhance your pre-existing skillset and turn you into a Sales Extraordinaire.

    Audrey Taylor Sales Coordinator, CentreRED
  • I recently decided it was time to take my sales skillset to the next level. I found many options, but Smarter Selling stood out from the alternatives. The Sales Accelerator workshop was tailored to suit my needs, thanks to the team’s ability to listen and understand where I was coming from and going to. Even more important to me was to know the instructor taking the class is speaking from experience and a place where I aspire to be. Charmaine's communication was clear, the class interactive and the lesson inspiring. I would highly recommend the Sales Accelerator course to anyone who wants to level up, like I know I have since completing this course. And I can't wait for the next one!

    Chris Muelu Retail Territory Specialist, Sony

Partnership & Ongoing Performance

The Sales Accelerator is part of a development plan for you and your team.  We start with the process so that we understand more about your business, challenges, team and outcomes. Then we create a development plan that evolves the Sales Leaders and their teams abilities.

Our Process

Pre workshop

a) Pre-work

We want to understand your business and your sales process.
You will receive a questionnaire to complete and return to us.

b)  Growth Manager consultation

Submit the questionnaire and speak with your Growth Manager.
They will delve deeper to ensure Smarter Selling is aligned with your goals.

On the workshop

Duration: 2 days

Registration:  7.15am – 5.30pm (be early!)

Refreshments all day: breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea

Post workshop support

Embed the training.

You and the team are provided with four weeks of content and support.

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