Smarter Selling is a sales training company created by a passionate, proven sales expert, Charmaine Keegan – Director, Founder and Lead Trainer, with over 28 years experience in high performance sales.

We have been running our programs Online for 2 years and have coaching (via video conferencing).

Right now we are offering these as blended learning programs: Online and Coaching.

9 reasons to choose Smarter Selling sales training to grow your business

W We provide a ‘one stop’ solution for indepth, real world sales training to individuals and teams – at any stage in their career.

W We understand the strategies and drivers behind long term, high performance sales people.

W The sales training is based on sophisticated selling methods to drive performance and promote positive behaviours by using mindset shifting techniques to address underlying belief systems around an individual’s capacity to learn, adapt and continuously improve.

W It is created and delivered by an expert sales person for sales people –  ensuring your business and your team are learning the most successful, proven, contemporary  insights and techniques.

W The robust methodologies shared by Smarter Selling empower sales teams to sell with authenticity and authority. 

W They seek to understand prospects and clients deeply with relentless curiousity and enthusiasm to create and deliver value to them and to your business.

W Sales people learn to understand how to operate with more presence and operate with a diagnostic, problem solving approach. 

W They listen more extensively, ask insightful questions and use language effectively and purposefully – adapting and aligning with the style of their clients. 

W This leaves clients with a sense of being understood which fosters opportunities for long term partnerships and business growth.

What makes a good trainer?

Charmaine Keegan: International Executive Sales Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Mindset & NLP Expert, Business Development and Performance Coach.

Mantra: I  make it easy  for you or your team  to sell and easy for your clients to buy.    

Get your team ahead of the game – we run coaching via zoom and have comprehensive online programs

Sales training to empower sales people to exceed targets and deliver business growth

We have trained over 8,000 sales people and with over 300 testimonials – in Australia and overseas – our suite of sales training courses sets your team up for success with lasting results, guaranteed to grow your business.

The training is designed and delivered by Charmaine Keegan, Founder, Director and lead trainer, a passionate, enthusiastic, energetic, high performing sales person, trainer and key note speakerWatch her videos and be inspired by her passion and practical sales tips.  

Her training delivers relevant, practical skills, focused on high performance, and is renowned for being inspiring and highly motivational.

Charmaine Keegan, Head Trainer, Founder & Director


Listen to Charmaine as she explains the three key qualities of a high performing sales person.

Plus hear some very simple techniques to allow you and your team to elicit from your client.

Everything that you need to know to offer the best solution to them.

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The 5-stages of Smarter Selling sales training

We make it easy for you and the team to sell AND easy for customers to buy.

Wherever you or your team team are in their careers and level of experience – we have a sales training course designed to enhance their skills and deliver more profit to your business.

Find out how our training empowers sales professionals to improve their performance

Watch this video to:

  • Find out how our training empowers sales professionals to operate at peak performance on a daily basis. 
  • We have trained over 8,000 sales professionals to deliver value to their clients in new ways.  
  • Witness the enthusiasm and energy in our  workshops.

Learn more about all of our sales training workshops and how they can help your business grow.

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