Charmaine Keegan – Keynote and Event Speaker

Are you and your sales team:

  • Having a team get together?

  • A yearly conference or seminar?

  • A quarterly team review?


Or are you a conference organiser looking for an engaging, entertaining, keynote speaker to inspire and energise a group at your event?


We would love to be part of your event to bring some sales and communication smarts.  Sharing highly relevant, uplifting, practical sales skills – our goal is to make your event stand out and be memorable.



We are told the ‘spot’ we hold in any event is usually  the most talked about and highlight of the event – packed with fun, motivational and practical tips that your clientele can put into place immediately.

We can speak on these hot topics and many others. 

  • Can anyone sell – what if they have never sold before?
  • How to build a high performing team?
  • Can you have integrity as well as a commercial mindset?
  • How to motivate my team to excel?
  • How do we build trust with a client?
  • How can we be seen as the ‘Leader’?
  • How to handle a resistant team who are wary of ‘sales’. Is it possible for them to even enjoy it – even embrace it?
  • What are the top three things I need to do today to amend our culture and lean into – and eventually embody – a sales and a commercial mindset?

Charmaine Keegan is a passionate, high performing sales person and loves motivating groups and sharing her expertise in the areas of:

  • Advanced selling techniques
  • Customer service
  • NLP
  • Motivation
  • Mindset

Charmaine shares real stories and advanced techniques gained from over 28 years of experience, to demonstrate how individuals and organisations can empower themselves to become high performing individuals and leaders in their sales roles – or any areas of their lives. She clearly articulates the importance of selling with authenticity to create opportunities.

Charmaine’s global presentations are suitable for a wide range of audiences, from major conferences and events to business groups, senior leaders and organisations.

She is an entertaining and inspiring speaker on all topics sales and customer service related who is able to deliver enjoyable and immensely practical information.

Presentations are tailored to the unique requirements of each event – any size – in Australia and overseas.

Recent engagements include:

  • Professional Speakers Association
  • Max My Profit
  • Mumbrella
  • Orbit Hub
  • BDAA
  • Business in Heels
  • Women in Collision

Charmaine comes highly recommended as a motivating and entertaining speaker!

  • Charmaine is a true expert in sales and communication. Her presentation at the Professional Speakers Association was spot on for the members, inspired them and overall gave them practical steps to know how to get in more business. Her method is about how ‘sales’ is ‘helping’ and how to help your prospect in a natural, authentic way positioning yourself as the authority in your field, the expert, the trusted advisor. Her style of delivery was engaging and uplifting. She easily connected with the audience and you could see they felt empowered and motivated to follow the easy steps to get results.

    Daniel Merza, Professional Speakers Association NSW/ACT chapter
  • Charmaine presented at the Professional Speakers Australia (NSW) chapter event last week. Her presentation was awesome and had been tailored perfectly to our audience of speakers. Speakers face some unique challenges when selling themselves so this tailoring was perfect and demonstrated a real understanding of our needs.  As well as providing us with a fantastic presentation, Charmaine herself was incredibly easy to work with. I would certainly recommend her if you have a sales-focussed audience who would benefit from her mindset training.

    Gill Walker, Professional Speakers Association NSW/ACT Chapter
  • Charmaine delivered a fabulous workshop at our Business Solutions Summit entitled SALES: how to sell with integrity and authenticity. Her energy & enthusiasm ensured she delivered a quality impactful workshop that had our attendees raving. She is incredibly generous in gifting her knowledge to those who participate. We loved working with her & are looking forward to our next opportunity

    Lisa Sweeney, CEO, Business in Heels
  • Charmaine has partnered with us over this year to bring our members valuable sales insights, two speaking events (of over 70 people each time) and a pod cast. She shares valuable sales insights on how to drive revenue with integrity. A engaging down to earth manner,  she gets everyone engaged, involved and enjoying themselves. She is determined to make sales easy.   Always easy to work with, Charmaine cares about the outcome and gives gives gives value. We look forward to her bringing more great tips in the coming year!

    Ben Fewtrell Max My Profit, Managing Partner
  • Charmaine is a true sales expert. What strikes me about Charmaine's work is her sharp mind, brilliant insight and ability to articulate an effective message simply. Her work is the real deal. Her love and passion for sales is evident throughout her speaking engagements as she gets the audience rethinking what sales actually is. Her fun, light-hearted way of addressing an audience immediately puts them at ease. On stage she is the same as off- natural, down to earth, practical and sincere. Your audience will be inspired, motivated and driven to succeed. As a speaker she holds an audience, keeps them engaged and interested. Adapting to all audience types her talks are always a hit for its engagement, laughter and overall, the powerful key messages on "how to build trust and how easy it is to sell"  

    Jon Yeo Licensee TEDx Melbourne
  • We had Charmaine speak at our National industry body conference for over 200 delegates. Clearly a sales and communication expert she seamlessly guided and enlightened our members on simple steps of how to make selling easy. The session was hugely informative, very practical, relevant and highly engaging. Charmaine welcomed and made audience participation easy, answered questions insightfully and made the topic of ‘selling with integrity’ fun and interesting. Charmaine is incredibly down to earth and her session was authentic and very ‘real’. She exudes a passion for sales and absolutely loves helping others understand how natural sales can be. She conveys all of this in a genuine, yet energetic and animated style. Charmaine is a true professional, from the very first touch point with us she cared about our conference outcome and did some targeted pre work ensuring she knew our focus areas, as well as obtaining a clear understanding of our members and what value she could bring to them and to us. She kept it very relevant. Charmaine is a natural on stage and some ‘curved balls’ showed just how seasoned she is in handling ‘vocal’ audiences and public speaking in general. We have had such positive feedback from the delegates that we have invited Charmaine to share more tips at our next national conference.

    Chris Knierim National President BDAA
  • Charmaine addressed our event of 70+ business owners with professionalism and ease. She made it fun to be in sales, made it easy to sell and showed them how to make it easy for their customers to buy. Very down to earth and funny she gave them practical tools to drive more sales. She had come highly recommended from someone on the speakers circuit- and immediately it became clear why. Thanks again for joining us at our Business Acceleration Quarterly Conference Charmaine. I can safely say the entire team and all the guests thoroughly enjoyed the talk! April 2019

    Sonia Irani Max My Profit
  • Charmaine was enlisted to speak to our group of CEOs’. She was able, with ease, to deliver a fun, informative session. She has a process to ensure she understands how best to serve your audience and this meant the session was relevant, informative, interesting and added value to each person. Charmaine has a way to drive home key messages and kept it professional whilst being upbeat, motivational and fun. Highly recommend Charmaine for a lively, inspiring session where your group will learn practical skills they can apply immediately. We can’t wait to invite her back for “part 2 “. July 2019

    Matt Brannelly Founder and Strategic Advisor Orbit NFP Club
  • Charmaine just spoke at our Industry body’s national conference of 200 people. Charmaine delivered an upbeat and engaging workshop which will make an immediate impact on our members business's. She had everyone actively involved; writing and laughing throughout. Charmaine is clearly a veteran on stage with the way she dealt with some challenging questions moments; a true professional. It was a joy to be in the room and see the value it brought to our partners and members. Charmaine had come highly recommended and it’s evident why, she made it all about us. Her pre-event research ensured she was on the money from the outset and highly relevant to our group. We're hoping you're available next year Charmaine, would love to book you again!

    Adam Hobill BDAA

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