5 tips to optimise your sales process TODAY

Adapt your sales approach with these tips and empower yourself or your team to feel confident in their positions as trusted advisors.


1. Revisit the features & benefits of your product/service – what do you need to know BEFORE you explain the benefits to them.

2. Think about your top clients, your prospects – consider what you need to find out to add value.

3. Brainstorm different ways to ask questions – language, tone, outcomes.

4. Practise being present so you can ask the aligned question in that moment instead of thinking a step ahead for the next clever question or suggestion.

5. Role play or practice active listening with your team (or business partner) and have fun asking questions which lead from what they’re saying, rather than simply waiting for your turn to say something. Have fun watching your sales increase as your customers feel understood and buy more!

Go ahead – roll the dice – and pick one to start with right now!

So my question to you is…what insights could you get into your sales process by trying tip #5?