7 key criteria of high performing sales teams

7 key criteria of high performing sales teams

The buyer journey is changing – buyers are doing their research and are much more informed before they contact you.

Is your sales team aware of this and adapting and evolving quick enough?

Do they:
1. Ask more than 20 open – and insight building – questions at each interaction – and are ‘present’ when the answers are given?
2. Listen actively and understand what the client is seeking?
3. Know your offering inside out – and that of your competitors – and how each compares?
4. Have a commercial mindset – always striving for best-case scenario?
5. Are they always looking for opportunities and have a growth mentality?
6. Have a success mindset? Are they constantly evolving as a person and focus on high performance?
7. Plan their territory/time efficiently?

Question: Which criteria does your team miss and how will you go about developing it?

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