Aim to be early as a sales person and reap the rewards

When you’re early to a meeting, it suggests the meeting is important to you.

Being early also provides a competitive advantage. While you might be sitting in reception – there are a lot of things going on in front of you that provide insights about the business:

  • what’s going on in the business between colleagues
  • how they communicate with each other
  • how the receptionist manages inbound calls
  • how the receptionist greets you
  • what’s happening ‘under the hood’ and behind the scenes.

As a sales person you’re always curious.

Your observations may give you some insights to build into your presentation. It might give some nuance that you did not have before – and provide you with competitive advantage.

Think of your mindset if you rush or you are late.

You’ll be so focussed on what you are going to show them, a little on the back foot and you may miss opportunities to understand your client better.

And you certainly missed any gems witnessed by being relaxed and observing your surroundings.

So my question is…what one thing could you do to make sure you are always early to your meetings?