Case Study: Pierre Fabre and why they chose Smarter Selling for sales training

Case Study: Pierre Fabre and why they chose Smarter Selling for sales training 

We’ve now been working with the team at Pierre Fabre since 2017 when we had a team fly in from France and Sydney to attend training. Their goal was to create training which reflects their values of caring for the human being as a whole and to constantly evolve, learn new ways to help the customer more and help their team grow in their communication skills.

Goals included

  • objection handling,
  • finding new opportunities,
  • creating rapport,
  • discovering needs,
  • ways to add value
  • foundations of sales training
  • communication skills
  • territory management
  • asking questions
  • presentation techniques

and they requested a dynamic interactive training to stimulate discussion, creativity and new ideas in the team: just what we love to do!

We love assisting the Pierre Fabre team in their business objectives as well as supporting the team in their personal development – what a great product! Make sure you check out the Avene range in your community pharmacy (amazing skincare!) and for more info on this company, visit:  


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