Creating a confident team which presents a winning solution to your clients every time

I am often asked ‘I would like my team to be more confident’ and the first response is ‘how well do they know your solution and that of the competitor?

It’s the same with the question ‘how can I get the team to be confident in articulating our offer?

So, my questions for you as a leader or manager…

  1. Product Knowledge

Does your team know your solution inside out, upside down, back to front and know exactly what the client would be experiencing to be motivated to purchase it? Do they know and are confident explaining the Unique Selling Points and Points of Difference?

If not, then give comprehensive product training. Do this in such a way they are engaged.

Do ‘big picture’ first – i.e. from the client’s point of view is ideal.

Eg. client A is experiencing this issue which is costing them time and money. This product/solution brings about ‘xyz’ saving them in these areas/peace of mind.

  1. Competitor Solutions

Do they know the competitor’s product or service? Do they know their Unique Selling Points/Points of Difference?

If not, then same as above.

Be very clear on their strengths and challenges – do a SWOT (strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Strengths)

  1. Belief in the ‘WHY’ behind your solution?

Do they believe in what you are selling? Truly believe. Can they put their hand on their hearts and say it’s great?

If not, why not. What is their mental block to this being great?

It doesn’t’ matter how great your solution is – if you have a member of staff who doesn’t believe then they will either not sell it at all or always be underselling and underperforming. Simply their drive to help customers with this solution is missing so it’s only you ‘pushing’ them which is getting them to sell. They need to be intrinsically motivated ; to be so excited by what this does for the client they are firing on all cylinders and can’t wait to help more people.

  1. Price and value confidence

Do they believe in the price point? Do they know why it’s that price?

If not, then explain* why and how you have come up with the pricing model and value:  from your point of view (cost) and then how much value it brings to the potential client.  Most staff get paid a salary and are detached from the ebbs and flows of ‘real’ money, of what it takes to run a business. You may decide to be honest about your financial situation and the profit margin, if you think they are emotionally smart enough to understand it.

Also, our ‘cup’ gets full so think carefully how you train in concepts and key information – try ‘layering’ i.e. 30 minutes here of product knowledge built up every day by different people is better than 4 days immersed.

*Note: when you train your staff, don’t get emotionally charged about the benefits, be factual and real. Don’t exaggerate your offer or play down the competitor. They will come unstuck in front of a client if you do and lose all confidence with that client but also in themselves.

What’s next you ask?

Growth! We live, breathe, sweat (hmm!) and love talking commercial growth to help our clients experience the results they want in sales, business, mindset, driving performance and success for themselves and their teams.

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