Discounting erodes trust


Some sales people can get into the habit of offering discounts.

The client was sold. You gave a price. They asked for a discount. You gave it. No reason given.

If you discount without a reason you can be implying:

✔ We were going to make more money from you and now you’ve asked for a discount, I’ll set a more realistic rate

✔ My product wasn’t as valuable as I had originally claimed. There is a revenue loss – and trust is lost. When I’ve received a discount without asking I sometimes felt ripped off or even conned.

Avoid discounting by:

✔ Being so congruent with your offer from the outset so they don’t think to ask for a discount

✔ Being so aligned they believe the value. If you do discount:

✔ Get something in return – if you give something away, get something back

✔ Use the clients need for value to add on valuable extras and discount those

✔ Give a reason – ‘on this occasion I’d be happy to because xxx’

🧲 My question to you – how did you feel when you didn’t even ask for a discount and it was offered anyway?




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