Customer service versus customer experience

Exceptional Customer Service

My 10 year old, Jack, wanted an Akubra hat, so I googled and emailed a store to ask about kids’ sizes. The Chappy, Hamish, who answered the email (promptly) made it all so easy by sending me links to hat examples.

The day we walked in, Hamish throws a warm, genuine smile and knowingly greets us both BY NAME.
I find out that he is the great-grandson of the original Akubra hat creator. I am intrigued, curious to know more. As I’m asking him questions,  he politely and kindly stops and says “enough about me- this day is for Jack” and turns to my boy saying ‘I’m all yours, let’s see what you like’.

At one point I felt like he needed to serve someone else and offered ‘you can serve that person if you want’, to which he warmly replied ‘no Jack has my full attention’. And he did (!) leaving his colleague to attend to other customers.

Jack recalls, how Hamish placed each hat choice so gently on his head, his manner so kind and patient. He dedicated time meticulously helping choosing the significant, decorative feather as though it were the last feather, ever. We were in awe. 

Upon seeing my older (20 years +) worn hat with its missing leather trim, he takes it, pops it on the hat-shaper, and says ‘I’ll get new leather by Tuesday and will fix it, reshape it and have it at your door by Thursday’. My chin was already on the ground, and without losing a beat he adds ‘no charge’.

My hat arrived today, all beautifully wrapped with love and care.

A demonstration of exceptional Customer service:

-know their name

-make the interaction easy – if they want a link, send it to them

-hold eye contact

-genuinely care about the customer

-make it an ‘experience’ for them -make it memorable. 


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