Great Presenters – 3 tips for great presenting!

You want to be the best presenter in town! (Or maybe you are cringing at the thought of presenting and want some tips).

After studying the best in the field for years I found the same 3 key ingredients come up to make it a winning, influential presentation.

  1. Have a clear goal about what you want to achieve. (Inspire, educate, influence, sell, inform)
  2. Make it engaging and relevant to your audience

So, find out about who your audience is. What they need.

When you make it about them, it becomes personal.  Remember they will be thinking ‘What’s in it for me’.

3. Practice! And then practice some more!

Run through that presentation at least 5 times –at least –why? Because when you know your material back to front, your focus switches from being ‘inward’ (‘inward’ meaning your headspace is on what you are presenting, is this the right ‘page’ am I saying the right thing…I mustn’t forget this… or that…) to being ‘outward’ focussed on the audience and being ‘present’ with them.  This means you adapt and keep them engaged by making it ‘real’.