How to be an expert negotiator

An expert negotiator does things differently. They think differently.

Firstly, and most importantly any Expert Negotiator will always ensure their product or service is ALIGNED before negotiating. In other words – is there a need for it? In our 2 day workshop on Negotiation we dedicate a full day to this Exploration process – otherwise it becomes a price negotiation because the value hasn’t been established with the client.

So the first step is like painting a house – its 99% preparation. Get that right and your negotiation (if, indeed it’s even needed now that your solution so perfectly fits their situation) is simplified.


  1. Be a winning negotiator, every time!

Prepare. Plain & Simple. Prepare the clients alternatives, what your competition is doing and then your top and bottom. (Many just skip to their own ‘window’ of price but the problem is you are not seeing a bigger picture, lets say your competition can not fit in that job/insert other potential scenario or the client needs it now and only your company can do that…Bingo, rate card cha ching!)


  1. Negotiation tactics everyone can implement
  • Understand the personality type of the client. What sort of person is doing the negotiation? Do they need a ‘dance’ (wheeler, dealer type) do not rob them of that if that’s important. Conversely are they a straight talking, shoot from the hip operator – you say the price and that’s that. ‘Don’t rip me off just give me your best price’ type of person.
  • Movement on price. If you move the price, change the deliverables. Reduce the scope to lower the price. Being arbitrary creates distrust. Review your solution and ask ‘what part do you not want’? There is always something that can be changed – and it’s not always obvious e.g. terms – maybe it’s 14 days or payment ahead rather than 30 days or the service is less time or something else. Never say it’s the final price if it’s not the final price.


Finally, for this blog – if you get more than what you want don’t look smug!