Sales Leaders- want to know how to motivate your team?

You want to know how to motivate your team to sell more, get them sold on what they are selling. And I mean really sold. In fact, so sold that they just can’t wait to get on the ‘blower’ and reach out to help more people. They need to be 100%, inside out, upside down sold before they engage with anyone. When you conduct internal training on products/services – ensure it’s clear on how those benefits relate to the client; make sure every person knows the questions clients may ask; the sorts of questions you need to be asking clients to know exactly how your solution fits into the mix. This includes your USP and that of all the other main alternatives available to the client. It is crucial, as leaders, to read the signs when our team may not be understanding the solution or are themselves not sold on the value.

If they can’t explain it, in detail, back to you then they are in need of more training. Make sure they are comfortable speaking their truth, don’t humiliate anyone who is brave enough to show their cards and come clean that they are ‘not sure’ or ‘not sold’. This is a far better scenario than a rep who bangs their chest in confidence to appease you and save face but has no substance and will unwind when faced with a questioning client.

Regular training is best, even with a really experienced team. They need to see training as positive. In every internal training that I have, we regularly ‘bounce about’ the solutions and refine our message. In every situation thus far (since 2009) the reps have not had a consistent language. That’s not unusual nor necessarily negative, it just means everyone has ‘their way’ and their own default ‘banter’.

Regular training where each rep has a chance to showcase how they put forward a solution is extremely beneficial so other reps can then pull themselves out of their own bubble and open their minds to other – better approaches. This enables them to cross share and evolve more client questions to ultimately read the client better and arm them with refined answers allowing a more flexible and adaptable message delivery with a compelling, better aligned solution. The reps sharing also provides a great insight for you on their abilities, revealing their gaps.

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