Success, your opinion of the world and how you operate, all starts in your own head. It starts with how you decide to view the world. What lens are you going to use?

Empowered are those that have decided to adopt the stance of ‘I choose how I view my situation’, ‘I’m in charge of my thoughts’, or ‘I don’t let what is happening outside of me affect my mindset’. Their take is ‘I decide and control on how I act and react’.

There is a great quote from the epic novel by Gregory David Roberts, ‘Shantaram’, where while he was chained up and being beaten, he owns: “I realised I was still free – free to hate the men who were doing this or free to forgive them as they don’t know anything different”.

This awareness of one’s mind has profound effects on life. Seeing each interaction as a lesson of how you could have made better choices- being able to rise above and think ‘what can I learn from this, what can I improve next time’. Whenever you think like this, planning and practising what you could say next time, you are actually hard wiring the circuits of your brain and reprogramming your mind to choosing a better future response.

Great Business Development people don’t use excuses, they don’t have bad days, they have good days and better days. They have high awareness and therefore a heightened EQ. They learn from each interaction. They constantly evolve, develop and mature.

Being in charge of your mindset and enhancing your awareness also means you become conscious of stress. Stress has horrific consequences on your body, mind and output. Take time to breathe, to slow the mind down. Ditch what may not be serving you, be it alcohol, caffeine, bad choice of foods, recognising and managing any other negative influences. Reframe yourself positively on what you do have and look at the situation through new eyes. Take care of your number one asset – you.

Feeling like it’s not all sunshine and roses? Grab some Mindset tools (we discuss Mindset in many blogs on our website), one such technique is adopting a level of gratitude, that often does the trick. It’s highly likely you woke up in a comfortable bed and have food in your cupboard, now that alone already puts you in the top 10% of the world – how lucky are you!


What to do: Adopt a position of gratitude, put things into perspective.

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