Motivate your team!

Are you motivating your staff with the same language that motivates you?  There are many ways to motivate staff and it all starts with how they operate and how they get moving. I’ll share one with you today. Look, listen and generally observe the language they use when they get excited about something. So, they have just bought a camera, what did they say, how did they get moving?

I had a client last week who said their team just wasn’t motivated and within an hour I had elicited a sentence that Director could use to personally fire up each person. Worked like a dream. Why, it was their language, not mine.

Want to learn more? Either do an NLP Course (contact me to find course dates) or enlist the services of Smarter Selling to teach you how to do this.  In our Sales Mastery workshop we delve into some top lines of this so that your team can work out how to motivate their prospect.