Sales Secret 2: Seek to understand your client more with meaningful, and open-ended questions.

Let your curiosity run wild by focusing on solving your client’s challenges.

There is no need to persuade or push. It is your obligation to find out what they need to put forward the right solution for your client. It is key to build trust with your client to gain a deeper understanding of them to become the trusted advisor.

What you can do?

1. Ask open-ended and intelligent questions to keep your client talking about their situation. Always have at LEAST 40 open-ended questions ready to ask your client

2. Be inquisitive, by having the right intent. The conversation should flow naturally with your set of questions ready.

3. Become the trusted advisor. Most business buyers seek trusted advisors that can add value to their business. The measuring of a client’s trust varies – by building rapport you can observe and adapt how what they value.

4. Listen and be PRESENT! – Never assume what they will answer. What your client wants yesterday may not be the same today. Always assume NOTHING – and take notes on their answers. What do you do to ensure your client knows to trust you?

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