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We recently conducted a sales training program across 50 of our sales representatives across Australia, New Zealand and International… This is one of the best sales programs I have attended.

It delivered some fantastic outcomes for our company and our sales representatives… Charmaine’s depth of sales experience and her ability to engage and motivate, was critically important – I would highly recommend Smarter Selling to any company looking to develop their sales teams.

Paul Mitchell, Group General Manager Sales & Marketing, Modern Star

What really appealed to me, is Charmaine wanted to care about our business. She wanted to learn about what the people did, how they did it and why it was important for us to actually do this training program.

The workshop was very practical, hands-on and lots of activities to help reinforce to the team how they could take the skills they were learning in the workshop back into the workforce. You could really tell that Charmaine was tailoring even on the fly to the individuals in the room as well what the organisation needed.

Charmaine’s  experience of over 25 years in selling, really shown through being able to actually respond to questions no matter what they were, in a meaningful way.

They were all extremely excited and certainly the goal of walking away passionate and energetic about what they’re doing to listen to their customer was definitely deliver

The next day I can see the team taking more action, being on the phone and building deep positive relationships with their customers.

Julie Armstrong COO uno Home loans  

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What Directors Have to Say

Justin Matthys, Founder & Chief Integrator, Maths Pathway

Richard and I have been hugely impressed with the impact the training has had on our team and business.

As a learning organisation ourselves, it’s paramount that we invest in our teams with the right sales training partner that is aligned with our client centred values.

The Smarter Selling training has been an eye opener and game changer for our team and business.

Charmaine, a clear sales expert, has visibly motivated and inspired our team, shifting their mindset and giving them clarity on what defines sales and service excellence.

Learning the overarching sales framework with deeper understanding of personality types and communication styles, our team have greater confidence and deeper understanding on how to build stronger client relationships and position themselves as trusted advisor and subject matter experts.

The Smarter Selling training has given insights and directions that within days has spurred everyone with immediate action plans and revised strategies on how we can actively grow the business.

Tim Clarke General Manager of Modern Brands

We have partnered with Smarter Selling since 2018.  Charmaine regularly trains our sales, marketing and brand teams.

The process that we go through is simple and highly effective, Charmaine does thorough prework on our positioning, goal, outcomes and focus areas then delivers an interactive, engaging program which hits the spot. Then there is post program support to help the team maintain the edge.  The training has helped us drive year on year growth.

Kate Hargreaves CEO of MusicEDU

Thanks to Charmaine and SmarterSelling, my team are now behaving as trusted advisors, less telling to a more relevant diagnostic approach, creating stronger connections upfront. The team’s confidence has boosted, they are driving more powerful conversations and conversions at every step of the journey. We have amended our processes to be more efficient in our outbound connections. While the numbers remain, the enhanced conversation quality, improved listening and conversational relevance have increased our booking rate to two out of three.I am looking forward to evolving and upskilling the team to keep the increased momentum across all aspects of the customer sales journey.

Peter Vila MD Seepex Australia

Our sales this calendar year finished at 36% above 2020 figures, which is excellent considering the hurdles we all faced!

Without any doubt, the coaching and confidence building provided by Smarter Selling has been a significant factor in our growth, and I look forward to us working with you this year and beyond.

We have partnered with Smarter Selling since 2017 in the ongoing development of our sales team to know how to lead and help them develop new business at a healthy margin, by forging closer and stronger connections with our markets and our customers, empowering them to become authorities in their field as trusted advisors and solutions providers – to stand out in the industry with a different approach.

I am constantly amazed the improvement after each Smarter Selling session: shift in mindset, increased confidence, better structure, improved conversations, and presentations.

Smarter Selling enhances our inhouse training from individuals joining their public workshops, to the national team doing the blended sales programs (online and virtual coaching), as well as our deep dive tailored two-day team workshops.

Charmaine’s programs and sales expertise is all about enabling leaders on how to motivate and get the best out of their teams, leading a strategically and commercially minded, high performing team understanding value-based selling that gets results.

We are looking forward to plotting our 2022/2023 development pathway with Smarter Selling with training focus that aligns  with and successfully underpins our identified growth opportunities and activities ahead.

Maggie Mason Managing Director Barcode Direct

As a business owner and sales person with well over 25 years’ experience, I have invested substantially in professional and self-development courses over time, including extensive sales training, and this is by far the best course I have done.

Charmaine’s energy, content and Smarter Selling insightful techniques are unique.
I valued the way the training was adapted to my company and team with ranging experience from very senior to those brand new to sales and those in between.

We learnt all about how to understand a client, the psychology of sales, what’s happening unconsciously.
We learnt a highly effective structure and sophisticated methods which yield quick results.
Straight after the training, my team are already demonstrating an increased professionalism and confidence, feeling empowered with a clear and proactive structure on how to drive the business forward.

The team feel bullet proof with a sharper focus, knowing what to do and how better to sell and present our value solutions.

The reason we came to Charmaine was due to her extensive experience in getting immediate and lasting results for companies. The Smarter Selling philosophy and methodology has integrity and authenticity at its core, which resonated with us. Charmaine’s in-depth training ensures we go to market, and shine as the trusted advisors and leading authority in our field

Josh Morar Global Head of Retail King Living

Charmaine assisted our teams in knowing the psychology behind a customer’s buying decision.
Her brief was to inspire them and that she did.

Charmaine makes the training interactive, interesting and empowering meaning the team loved every moment, were fully engaged and fully motivated afterwards!

Megan Corbett General Manager Wood Wizards Kitchen

We are thrilled with our experience with Smarter Selling. As a small business that has never invested in anything like this before, it was a big decision to put our trust in Charmaine and her team to deliver results.

From the moment we met we could see the value in working with like minded people who truly cared and were so passionate and genuine about helping our business.

The best thing Charmaine did was to convince us in order to realise the full benefits of the training that we needed to involve the wider team, and we are so glad that we did. The instant lift in team morale, confidence and focus has been invaluable and we have seen an immediate return on investment with record sales and conversion.

This is so much more than sales training and the shift in mindset for our entire team has made such a positive impact on our culture and customer service. Thank you, thank you, thank you Smarter Selling!

Dyranda Hortle General Manager Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Charmaine and her team are real experts in what it takes to bring about the right mindset for success. We’ve just finished the second round of training in leadership and sales and I can honestly say it’s a real factor in our transformation.

Tanya Scott General Manager Neild & Co

We have been having training with Charmaine since 2018. We have a team of 13 face- to-face and inside sales. Many of them are very experienced and been doing the job for a long time.

Charmaine is a true sales expert with a wealth of experience in driving sales performance. She is focused on getting results quickly by assisting your team to think about how they currently engage with their clients and prospects. She guides them through techniques making it easier for them to build stronger, authentic, lasting, successful relationships. What I love about the approach that Charmaine and her team undertake is they ensure that your team are excited about their personal growth and development, that they get value quickly, that they find the training experience enlightening and practical.  Therefore the team love their sessions and get enormous value from them..

Clifford Wigg Director Energy Wired

Sales seems to be the part of business that tradesmen invest the least into and after taking the blended learning course I have to say that is one of the biggest mistakes.

We tend to be good with our hands but that doesn’t help anyone if we can’t engage with the customer to help them find a solution that is right for them.

This course has helped me better understand the why people buy and how I can better assist them in meeting their needs.

Thank Charmaine!

Tristan Peters National Sales Manager Eurolinx Pty Ltd

Results immediately, that’s what we got after our team of 17 completed their two, very practical, days of training. The next day they were tweaking emails and immediately got positive responses (clients agreeing to meet them) and were calling on new opportunities (potential clients reacted positively).

Charmaine kept the team engaged, interested, focused and inspired. We all learnt so much which we were able to put into place immediately. Charmaine’s depth of sales experience was evident as she weaves us through ‘real life’ examples/variables, was able to answer everything and make everything 100% relevant to our day to day. Her passion for sales is evident (and infectious)! She made it fun, upbeat and easy. She trains your team to be the best and that comes from her high standards. Charmaine and her team spent time understanding our business, team and goal. They reached out to individuals so they knew exactly how to best support us. Very impressive.

Yvonne Dallman National Training Coordinator Aidacare

Our company has just completed x3 workshops with Charmaine in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. With over 70 Equipment Specialists in our sales team, with varying degrees of sales experience, Charmaine’s workshops were structured so that everyone left with additional knowledge, tips and tricks.. She was highly interactive and engaging – not a dull or quiet moment. Not only that…. no death by PowerPoint! In fact- no PowerPoint! Amazing! She took time to get to know our business, meaning that our workshops were highly relevant and completely in line with our “internal language”. We look forward to continuing to work with Charmaine and would have no hesitation in recommending her and her team.

Melissa Simpson Chief Customer Officer Feros Care

I have a team of over 40. I used Charmaine because I needed her to help me “create” a sales team from existing team. Her pre work and investment of her personal time and energy was unbelievable. She went to incredible lengths to understand me , my managers, our business, each of the individuals so that on the day she knew all of the nuances of the business and the team members. Charmaine delivers the content so that it is fun, enjoyable and with credibility because of her incredible preparation. And of course her experience means she adapts as the day rolls along. I would recommend Charmaine without hesitation.

Tom Claps Director Iluminar Electrical

Charmaine and her team took the time to understand our business and tailored a strategic training package to suit our needs. Since undergoing training with Smarter Selling we have been able to better understand clients in order to deliver the highest quality of customer service. This level of customer service is what separates us from our competitors! The team Iluminar Electrical Services highly recommend Charmaine and Smarter Selling

Mike Benson Managing Director Glyn High Tech Distribution

We engaged Charmaine and Smarter Selling for our team of 7 across NZ and Australia. Charmaine took time to understand our business, its intricacies and our goal. She also reached out to each member of the team, to understand them and get them in the right ‘mindset’ for growth. The workshop assisted both the team and management in what a professional sales team should look like and how it needs to operate for ultimate success. Smarter Selling has post workshop interaction with the team and also with the leaders about how to drive the business forward.

Charmaine’s work ethic runs very high and that shows across her and her team with the standards they place on themselves and expect of others.

Always easy to engage with we found her professional, insightful, a inspiring motivational trainer and above all extremely knowledgeable about sales/tactics/neuro science.

Mark De La Mare Group Head of Sales at IRT Group

I have just had training for my sales team of 36 with Charmaine. I found this training useful, easy to understand, practical and relevant. Charmaine went to a great deal of effort to understand a very complex business model and adapted and tailed her training accordingly. Charmaine has fantastic stories and examples to drive the message home, her energy is infectious and she really brings the crowd to life. The team are now empowered, and confident.

Ben Walker CEO Shopper Media

We have a dynamic growing team of 20+ sales people and Charmaine kept them engaged, learning, laughing and calibrated their mindset for success. She gets the team in the headspace for performing your best every day and being accountable. I’ve attended the session and thoroughly enjoyed it. Every time we have a new starter in the team I send them on the course and you know it’s good when they come back raving about the course claiming they can now sell anything!

David Campbell Owner Audio Visual Effects

I have had two teams go through Charmaines training and the results were immediate.  Charmaine helped my team understand the priorities of their roles, understanding the customer at a deeper level so they can help them. Ultimately help us recognise (and create) opportunities and structure our day for growth. I find Charmaine to be professional, passionate about sales and totally dedicated to helping her clients find business easily. Very easy to get on with, she also makes the time together practical and fun, with thought provoking exercises and peppered with laughs amongst the insights.

Mike Uriarte HR Manager Latam Airlines

We had a wonderful course with Smarter Selling. So informative, inspirational and motivational. The Smarter Selling team took our goals and vision seriously, they spent time getting to understand us.

The workshop itself was very informative, a lot of fun for the team and lots of ‘ah ha’! moments. The evaluation feedback forms all rated the workshop a success with 5 stars.

What really stood out was Charmaine’s sales experience and the professional way she weaved every day scenarios into the program.

Highly recommend to anyone looking for a uplifting team experience whilst learning how to really master a commercial mindset.

Many thanks and congratulation for the great job!

Chantel Gattellari NSW & QLD Sales Manager GC Dental

Highly Recommend Smarter Selling workshops for an immediate team result! RESULTS! That is what we saw immediately after the Smarter Selling Training. We sent one of our team who came back with a spring in her step, confident in her stride and eye on the ball, more prospecting and business development mindset. In fact in her first week she presented to 14 new clients resulting in 13 new pieces of business! We are now sending our team on the training. Charmaines training is tailored to all individuals in the room with a heavy focus on mindset (i.e recognise your baggage and limited beliefs) and the results speak for themselves. Thank you very much Charmaine and all the team at Smarter Selling.

We’re so excited and happy with our sales team’s response to the training that we’re implementing a quarterly session. I think that speaks for itself.

Joel Bowerman Sales Director & Head of Marketing Ramsay Health Care

We hired Charmaine and Smarter Selling to inspire and motivate our team of 34. She went to great efforts to understand our business, goals, focus areas and outcome. The workshop hit all our requirements. She makes personal development and sales training fun while getting the desired message across.

Dan Singh Director Live Group

From the very first time I met Charmaine she left a lasting impression. We ended up hiring Smarter Selling for our telesales team at Live group. The Smarter Selling team engaged all of my sales staff personally to get to know them and our business. Charmaine then devised a program which exceed those goals. My team quickly learnt how set themselves up for success, ask the important questions, convert and be accountable. She answered all questions thrown at her, was able to make the time interesting, fun & informative. My team was motivated and ready to hit the phones. I was very impressed. Since then she has been in touch and assisted us with further guidance and support. Hire her if you want top performance and accountability!

Tracey Holland Customer Relationship Manager IRT Group

My team of 9 have just had 2 days of sales and customer engagement training. We are the first port of call for any current or potential customer.
Charmaine assisted the team into understanding how to engage with the customers professionally, how to build trust, how to best look after them, how to ask questions and listen effectively.
Her upbeat, inspiring manner got them thinking about how they go about their day to day and how to be more effective.

Jo Benson Director Glyn High Tech Distribution

Smarter selling with Charmaine has been a highlight for our company this year. The course has supported our team to focus on the best techniques to sell, reflect on this process and take accountability for what we aim to achieve. The most valuable time has been from follow up with Charmaine. They are there to nurture the managers and team through these new steps, via phone, skype and these discussions help to keep the motivation and focus needed to implement fully the smarter selling methodology. Our team at Glyn highly recommend Smarter selling.

Colin Hill Head Strategy, Innovation CX IRT

In February 2017 Home Care services for seniors changed significantly forcing providers to consider how they identify, attract, convert and retain customers. To continue to grow our business we knew we had to accelerate the existing “selling and marketing” capabilities of our team.
To adjust quickly we needed an outside expert to help us. After meeting Charmaine from Smarter Selling (who kindly phoned me back whilst on an international business trip) I knew that the content of her programs, her personal experience and ability to match our team needs to her programs I had found the outside expert to help us.

Within the last twelve months Charmaine has delivered four programs to several areas of our business. Many staff still talk about both Charmaine and the content of her training. It is the only training where at 5pm on Day 3 of training I’ve witnessed the entire group all wanting more of Charmaine’s knowledge and training. I’d describe Charmaine’s workshops as fun, very interactive, engaging and very adaptable based on the group needs.
The added bonus with Smarter Selling is Charmaine does not become a stranger once the training concludes. Recently Charmaine has launched her online training portals to supplement or refresh the workshop consent so skills are not lost, an option we definitely went with to keep momentum going.
One misconception could be that the Smarter Selling programs is only for sales peoples. The realisation I came to after attending the training was is the skills are applicable to a much broader audience wanting to improve or refresh their customer engagement skills.
Charmaine and her team have added huge value to our team and I am confident any organisation wanting new and or happier existing customers then Smarter Selling has the program and trainers that will add value.

Lucy Batt Regional Sales Manager Metra Weather

I have recently been fortunate to partake in the full suite of Smarter Selling courses; from ‘Sales Accelerator’ right through to ‘Sales Mastery’ and ‘Leadership’. My full team are now progressing through Charmaines programs.

From the outset, even before locking in dates, the Smarter Selling team were professional and showed exceptional attention to detail. They provided guidance and material prior to the sessions to ensure that each attendee got every ounce of benefit possible. The content was intuitive, the courses well-structured and engaging, and Charmaine’s enthusiasm is absolutely infectious!

Charmaine has delightful and relevant anecdotes for just about any sales situation, and will inspire you to ask more questions and adopt a truly inquisitive approach to sales.

These courses are suitable for sellers of all levels and experience, as well as leaders of sellers.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Smarter Selling to anyone wishing to achieve business growth. The results speak for themselves. Fantastic.

Paul Keating GM Audio Visual Effects

Charmaine’s Smarter Selling course is a great investment in your team and business, it delivers practical and actionable learnings in a fun and relevant way. Charmaine has hands-on experience as a successful salesperson, she’s incredibly down to earth and knows how to engage a room full of people of different ages and sales skills. Plus, her material’s spot on and her approach is fresh and engaging.

Darren Matthews APEC Sales Director CBSI

As a sales professional with 27 years experience; I was admittedly dubious of the value that yet another sales training session would deliver.

I thought I’d heard everything about ‘active listening’, could have written and sold a book about ‘buying behaviour’ and would receive a thumbs up if ever there was a test about reading ‘body language’.

How wrong I was.

Charmaine delivered new information on these topics in a informative and uniquely engaging way and did so while explaining the neurological effect of her methods which helped my team and I truly understand their value.

I would recommend Charmaine to any sales professional regardless of their perceived knowledge and look forward to implementing her teachings in the years to come.

Lindsay Roy Director The Photo Studio

Charmaine has helped me grow my business through her exceptional sales training and training resources. Leading a team of over 20 sales consultants I know how important it is to guide them and coach them in the most effective way possible.

Charmaine achieved that with my team; her training courses were both motivational and practical, delivered with passion and a depth of sales understanding that you would only get after being ‘in the field’ for such a length of time. My staff applied her strategies immediately and I have since used her tools in my own training.

I also participated in Charmaine’s Leadership program which has helped me to lead my teams more effectively and given me insights into my skills gaps as well as develop the right mindset to succeed.

Charmaine’s care factor is obvious with the attention she takes before, during and post a program. I’ve just had a post workshop coaching session with Charmaine and am totally inspired with some great tools to shape my team so we have the best performing year yet!

Chris NcNaughton Team Leader uno Home Loans

Charmaine has just trained our team of 27. She has a clear process of getting to know the business and our goals for the training, engaging with the senior team before, during and post the workshop. Her team also reached out to each person to understand their individual needs. This meant she customised a program for us. Bright, inspiring, motivating and over all – extremely practical -she assisted the team with the skills to help them engage more easily and effectively with their customers. The results were immediate with the team happy to be at work and on the phone (quicker)! having meaningful conversations. Highly recommend for up skilling of all levels.

Karen Thomas Director Get Smart

I’ve had Charmaine train teams since 2017. She is an excellent trainer and just knows how to get your team thinking commercially.

She cuts to the core of whats needed. No messing around. Always a pleasure to work with she takes time and effort to understand our goal. The team learn so much and put it to practice immediately. It’s very practical and each scenario is relevant to our business. We now have Charmaine coach our team every 3 months to build on their skill and keep them evolving, motivated and polished.

I’ve now taking 2 teams on Smarter Sellings course. The programs are very thorough, totally hit the target of getting your team motivated, on the front foot and commercially minded. Charmaine herself has a wealth of sales and mindset knowledge, she shares that in such a way that it’s empowering and enlightening. She also has a way of making it very easy to sell and to embrace selling as a great career. A year on and they remember the philosophy and methodology.

We’re so excited and happy with our sales team’s response to the training that we’re implementing a quarterly session. I think that speaks for itself.


  • Recently I completed Charmaine's 2 Day Sales Accelerator in Sydney - and what a valuable experience it was. The content taught by Charmaine is unique, but extremely digestible. This has given me a refreshing outlook on sales, and we were provided with very actionable advice, which allows us to quickly improve. I would highly recommend the Sales Accelerator course by Smarter Selling to anyone who wants to broaden their outlook on sales - and this is not just for beginners! Thank you Charmaine & Smarter Selling for sharing your years of expertise. I'm so excited to put what I've learnt from you into practice!

    Matt Rothwell Marketing Executive, Wise Up
  • Our team of 30 just completed a program entitled: Customer Service Excellence, Complaint Handling and Conflict Resolution. We learnt how to communicate effectively, with integrity and with authenticity. I learned a lot about myself and the people I work with = clarity and perspective. Charmaine is genuine, she has exceptional energy, dynamism, vast knowledge, is highly experienced and uses relatable storytelling to land a message. The course content and analogies were particularly relevant and very useful. I love easy learning and seeing the team all highly engaged and involved was fantastic. They raved about it. The event also provided a rare and fabulous opportunity for bringing together a cross-section of contributions from IRT personnel who work both in the field and on the business, this helped with internal rapport and gave us a common framework and language to draw on. From an outcomes point of view, moving forward on the job - you could see people putting what they learnt into action straight away.

    Jackie Puffit Executive Support Officer, IRT Aged Care Services
  • What a fantastic program! I learnt so many things, including in-depth view of presenting. Fresh perspective of sales techniques and a great deal about harnessing your mindset for continued success. Definitely attending the next programs - so practical and informative. I can put into practice immediately.

    Claudia Loritsch Client Service Manager, Blis
  • I have just completed the 2-day Sales Accelerator training and found it to be incredibly insightful. Charmaine's energy and passion towards both the content and the people within in the course was second to none. I left with a refreshed outlook and numerous skills to take with me on the field. I highly recommend!

    Madeline Rush Sales Manager, TUSK HR Recruitment
  • Charmaine is incredibly skilled at sales training techniques. Every second spent with her was extremely valuable - I was bursting with eagerness to put her techniques to use in my workspace! An engaging, thoughtful and entertaining course that will benefit not just your work relationships but your personal connections - she unlocks a better way to live life.

    Annabelle Elvy Studio Manager, SydneyProps
  • Having had 2 years of coaching, via Skype, with Charmaine I learned how to understand and communicate with my clients at a deeper level, build stronger relationships and ultimately bring in more revenue by being more aligned to their needs. We have integrated all manner of sales techniques into our sessions and it always feels easy to implement. I have just been promoted to head up a department and the techniques that Charmaine has provided me with will certainly help over the coming year.

    Dan Taylor Head Global Sales ANW
  • I attended the two-day Sales Accelerator Workshop in Sydney, in February 2017. Charmaine is an inspirational, engaging and passionate trainer. I would recommend this workshop to people of all ages and experiences, across all industries. Whether you are new to sales or highly experienced...everyone will benefit from Charmaine's workshop. It's about learning to understand people, and in particular, people who are looking to purchase your service/product or solution. Charmaine reminds us of the golden rule: It's all about them. Observe and adapt as Charmaine teaches us, and we will soon see the benefits unfold in front of us. The usual 'sales' techniques and terms are not re-hashed in this workshop. Instead, Charmaine brings fresh new, dynamic and energetic language and thoughts into our world, and this is what gives her the edge over other trainers. I recommend this workshop to all employers and employees. You will not be disappointed and will find yourself wanting to go back for more! Thank you Charmaine.

    Jane miles Documentation & Support Specialist, Databee
  • Charmaine recently hosted my team of market engagement professionals for training. It was magnificent. A room full of people who were highly experienced in liaison and negotiation, we weren't sure what we'd get out of it. Charmaine got us to understand and focus on our strengths, look at what we could do better - and how we could do it, and to above all focus on how to make better connections through the relentless use of questions. I’d recommend her services to anyone who wants to improve the way they engage with other organisations.

    Tim Gore Employer Liaison Office, Department of Jobs and Small Business
  • Charmaine is full of energy and delivers an informative and engaging presentation. The Sales course that I attended really focused on asking important questions of your customers in order to enable you to achieve best value from your customer engagements. Oftentimes it can be difficult to apply course learning to your role but the fact that Charmaine continued to stay in touch after the course served to keep the key points that we learned in the course front of mind. This meant that course attendees had the best chance of applying their learning in real world engagements.

    Mark Harrion Business development manager, Ramsay Health Care
  • Just attended two days of Charmaine's Smarter Selling course - AMAZING!! This is hands down one of the best training courses I have ever been to. My husband & I have left with a fresh perspective on 'sales' & feel so confident in our approach when talking with our customers now. Charmaine is a highly engaging trainer who really implores you to let go of your baggage & just become a normal human being when talking with your customers. Excited to see what amazing results we produce in our business as a result of implementing Charmaine's training.

    Emma Reece Certified Pilate instructor, Sapphire Trade Services
  • The quality of training, content and overall experience with Charmaine and Smarter selling has been nothing short of amazing. Even before finishing the course I had managed to recognize and shift a lot of mental baggage I didn't even realise was there.   After finishing the 2-day Sales Accelerator Course I felt much more confident in myself and ability to help people. It hasn't even been a week and I find it so much easier to be present and focus on understanding what my customers need rather than being in my own head second guessing myself.   Thank you, Charmaine! you and your team are truly talented, and I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.

    Clayton Bellman Sales, La Rose Noire
  • Charmaine is an energetic and entertaining presenter. She is thorough and her team provide personalised engagement. This is a fresh and unique approach and completely different to 'traditional' sales training. I left with a new mindset on how to productively engage in a mutually beneficial style. The program focuses on engaging constructively with anyone, professional or personal. The training is enthralling and provides a fresh mindset for everyday life. Thanks Charmaine & team.

    Kelly Brodie Sales Representative, Fisher & Pykel
  • Undertaking Charmaine's sales training was an eye-opening experience. Coming in raw with limited sales experience her passion and knowledge on sales really resonated with me. She covered a diverse range of topics with expertise and effectively delivered the content in a digestible and engaging manner. She is very genuine in wanting to get the best out of her trainees and has continued to assist me after the conference. Smarter Selling has helped to kick start my sales career in the right direction and I would highly recommend the course for professionals at all levels

    Matthew Taylor Sales Associate, Pharmacor
  • Charmaine just ran a custom sales and coaching course for our pharmacy group managers. Her insights into our industry and business needs and practical tips will be highly beneficial to all our managers in terms of getting stronger sales outcomes, coaching and leading their teams to achieve business outcomes in a way that is holistic and serves customers better. Her NLP insights will be particularly useful on how to phrase and frame things to get great outcomes from customers and team members. Highly recommend Charmaine, she was engaging, professional, straight talking and extremely effective at getting the message across! Thank you, Charmaine, Karen and the team!

    Gayle Carew Human Resources Consultant, Synergy
  • After just completing a 2-day bespoke course in sales, communication and leadership with Charmaine and Karen I've come back to work feeling really energised and inspired to put what I've learned into practice. The course covered a lot of ground in 2-days and the groups energy level was high throughout. I put that down to the content which was tailored specifically for our needs and moved at the right pace, as well as our fantastic sales expert, Charmaine, whose warmth, passion, energy and understanding of our business and clients was spot on. This is the second course Smarter Selling has run for Cerebral Palsy Alliance and each time they have delivered exactly what was required. Already looking forward to the next one!

    Laure McKnight Senior Marketing Manager, Cerebral Palsy Alliance
  • I attended Charmaine’s Smarter Selling Sales and Mindset Training in mid-January this year. Whilst I was performing well in that month already, I found that I had picked up new tips and tricks that help me exceed my targets that month. Not only did I exceed them during that month, I found in the months following my performance has gone from strength to strength. Highly recommend anyone that wants to go the extra mile within their current role to attend this training as it did make all the more difference. Thank you, Charmaine

    Lorita Chidiac Home Loans Consultant , Uno Home Loans
  • I feel a lot more confident about what I'm doing now. Charmaine's session was really insightful and provided really good tools and framework for me in my business development career and beyond. So many things I've learnt are applicable across work and life. Would definitely recommend anyone who's keen on understanding more about themselves and expert sales communication to take part in Charmaine's courses.

    Yew Eng Ng Technical Business Development Manager, Solar Analytics
  • Thank you, Charmaine and the team, at Smarter Selling for helping me feel more confident in my abilities and for giving me the help I needed to be the best salesperson I can be. I recently completed the Sales Accelerator 2-day course and I feel more equipped than ever to deal with all levels of clients - new, existing, and those that are as of now undiscovered.    Charmaine's passion for sales and communications shines through in every aspect of her teaching s and there is no moment that you will be bored - especially when she delights you with her stories! I would absolutely recommend Smarter Selling to anyone that is looking for a straight-forward, action-packed course that aims to enhance your pre-existing skillset and turn you into a Sales Extraordinaire.

    Audrey Taylor Sales Coordinator, CentreRED
  • I recently decided it was time to take my sales skillset to the next level. I found many options, but Smarter Selling stood out from the alternatives. The Sales Accelerator workshop was tailored to suit my needs, thanks to the team’s ability to listen and understand where I was coming from and going to. Even more important to me was to know the instructor taking the class is speaking from experience and a place where I aspire to be. Charmaine's communication was clear, the class interactive and the lesson inspiring. I would highly recommend the Sales Accelerator course to anyone who wants to level up, like I know I have since completing this course. And I can't wait for the next one!

    Chris Muelu Retail Territory Specialist, Sony