The power of the introvert in sales

I am often asked my opinion about hiring sales people who are introverts.

Can introverts be high performing sales people? It’s a myth that a sales person must be extroverted to be successful. Just because they are outgoing and have ‘the gift of the gab’ doesn’t mean they are enjoy more sales success.

In fact, it is the natural strengths of introverts that make them highly skilled sales people.

So my answer is YES – they make exceptional sales people.


✔They naturally make the client the focus of the interaction

✔They are very good listeners and are comfortable listening

✔They are happy for the client to do all the talking.

How can employers support introverts?

✔ Ensure they’re sold on the solution

✔Ensure they know the other options the client’s have available

✔ Ensure they know lots of open questions

✔Ensure they have answers to clients’ questions