Welcoming objections = more opportunities💥

It’s often referred to as objection ‘handling’ – as if you are putting out spot fires before things take a turn for the worse.

If you change your thinking – flip it around – and welcome the objection – they are no longer a threat – they are an opportunity to really hear your client.

Objections help you understand where your prospect is blocked in terms of acceptance of your offer.

Our role as sales people is to make it easy for clients to tell us their challenges so we can better understand them. The more you welcome the objections, the more trust and credibility you can build.

The opportunities:

✔It shows the prospect is engaged and wants to give you the information to help them

✔You can observe and adapt, shift their values and relieve them of their concerns.

✔ You can position yourself as the trusted advisor

🙌 Reacting in a positive way to objections helps you offer a solution that truly serves them best. And after all isn’t that the name of the game?

My question to you…What’s one of your favourite ways to welcome objections?