Why Cold-Calling fails

Why Cold calling fails

Ok, the reality if you are thinking of ‘cold calling’ then that’s the down the fail.

(Nothing else). It fails because most people go in loaded with limited beliefs.

(i.e. pestering, they are busy I better be quick, I don’t want to disturb them, they don’t have much time) and so their whole body, the language they use, the tone and the intention is set at that low level.

So, lets make it easy. Honestly, it’s so easy.

When I hear people say ‘can you help us with Cold Calling’ I shudder (like thatcoldcalling , shudder…    😉

It’s like –its 2018 really how hotcan this be – we can see the website, ‘wow they are saying similar things to us’, we can see the people we need to connect with. We can see their picture, ‘ah, she looks approachable’.

With LinkedIn: well where do I start – If there is one thing that has changed the course of how we prospect (lets drop the word ‘cold call’) in the last 10 years it’s been LinkedIn.

Righto, onto LinkedIn then, there’s her profile details. ‘ I align with that philosophy too’!

There’s her work history – ‘I can’t believe it – 6 years ago she worked at the organisation that loves us, there’s her contacts – I know some of them’ –   and on and on it goes.

There are useful tools within LinkedIn, how to target certain industries, positions, geographically. And what will they make of you – well, you can set yourself up as the ‘Thought Leader’ with some clever imagery, knowledge sharing and insights.

The main things you need to do are:

  1. See it as helping someone. That’s all sales is. You are helping someone.
  2. Be congruent in your offer. Be more than 100% you can help someone. Immerse yourself in positive success stories about how your solution has helped others.
  3. See it as ‘if I don’t reach out they won’t know about our amazing xyz…’ (How’s that for a great internal re frame).
  4. Know how to call out – few hints, practice, be calm, reasonable and rational, be human and talk slowly. Be polite. Smile. Have pride in what you have to sell.
  5. Be prepared to achieve your purpose.

Charmaine is director and head trainer of Smarter Selling, a sales training company focusing on assisting individuals and teams to embrace prospecting with a success mindset. 

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What’s next you ask?

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