Where do more opportunities come from?

Are you looking for opportunities? I am always asked by Directors ‘I want my team to find opportunities’. So, here is my comprehensive detailed guide to finding opportunities. If it’s a current [...]

Why Sales is just like dating

Why sales is like dating Let’s set the scene. You are in a bar and the good-looking person is over there. So, choose which person you are. Person A. Things run through your head: they won’t want [...]

Why Cold-Calling fails

Why Cold calling fails Ok, the reality if you are thinking of ‘cold calling’ then that’s the down the fail. (Nothing else). It fails because most people go in loaded with limited beliefs. (i.e. [...]

Habits of Highly Successful People

Hello! Here is part one of a journey looking at the habits of highly successful sales people. Because that’s where substantial, continuous business growth stems from. It’s all starts with the [...]